Only 11 doctors employed by Malawi Govt since 2014

Malawi Hospitals

…doctors body demand recruitment of remaining graduates

Despite Malawi remaining one of World Health Organization (WHO) priority countries perpetually failing to meet the target ratio of 23 doctors per 10 000 people, government is yet to employ medical doctors who have recently graduated from College of Medicine.

Hospitals need medical personnel. (File)

According to reports, the country has only employed 11 medical doctors out of over 50 since 2014.

Medical Doctors Union of Malawi has since faulted the delay in employing the doctors arguing the country has low numbers of doctors to save lives in hospitals.

However, Malawi government through the ministry of health has disclosed that the doctors are to wait for money before they touch patients in public hospitals.

Health ministry’s spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said government is encouraging the doctors to join public health institutions.

In 2015 Medical Doctors Union of Malawi (MDUM) and the Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) gave government a 14 day ultimatum to employ the 51 doctors or risk industrial action by all medical personnel in the country.

The threat was seen to be in vain as government continued saying the country has no money to employ them.

2 thoughts on “Only 11 doctors employed by Malawi Govt since 2014

  1. Ma doctor a ulesi ntchito phwiii mu office mmalo mothandiza ma patient…koma No 1 kutokota ku morning report ngati ntchito mumagwira apa mxiwww,,,anzeru akummawa ndakwiya nanu!!Asakulembeni ntchito kumene akuchita bhooo!Bravo govt

  2. Even if they (DOCTORS) are employed things will not change in terms of Doctor patient ratio.
    Malawian Doctors are Trained to be ADMINISTRATORS or ACCOUNTS ASSISTANTS. They are fortune
    seekers – looking for money leaving patients unattended. stealing Money and Drugs like the Chiradzulo Case.
    The Chiradzulo Doctor (DHO) who was caught in a drug deal is just a tip of an iceburg.
    Things are happening.


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