We want to change Malawian politics – UDF

Atupele Muluzi

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) has disclosed that the party’s alliance with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aims at bringing change in Malawian politics.

The remarks follow reports of political experts faulting the coalition arguing that it is meant to weaken the opposition in Malawi.

Atupele Muluzi
UDF is being led by Atupele Muluzi.

Political experts said the alliance works to the disadvantage of UDF as it has made the party lose popularity.

During earlier interviews, one of the political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche said UDF cannot campaign against DPP as it is part of its failures.

However UDF general secretary Ken Ndanga has claimed that the party aims at changing political atmosphere in Malawi.

“We want to have a change in mindset that people have that opposition cannot work together with the ruling, as for us we believe that people don’t eat politics they are looking for development for this country,” said Ndanga.

Concurring with Ndanga, DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said the political ties will help the two parties serve in the interest of Malawians.

Commenting on the matter, a political expect Ernest Thindwa said the two parties should focus on fighting for votes in regions where other parties dominate.


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  1. We as UDF supporters is about time t we start reading orbituary of demise of UDF. RIP UDF.

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