Initiative geared to empower Malawian girls

Girls Talk Initiative

Amid reports of girls facing various challenges to attain education in Malawi, Girls Talk Initiative has been set aside to make a difference on the trend.

The initiative follow reports of low girls’ enrolment in schools and high dropout rates due to factors such as early pregnancies.

In a move to reverse the trend, the initiative will witness many girls in the country becoming responsible citizens following the platforms put in place to help the girls.

Girls Talk Initiative
Nedi poses with girls under the Girls Talk Initiative.

Girls Talk Initiative Coordinator George Nedi said they are to help in improving the livelihood of girls through attainment of basic education in partnership with stakeholders, community leaders, and other affinity groups that promote the standards of living of a girl child.

“Our vision is to create a society which is conducive and harmonious with achievement of a girl child education and our focus is on addressing issues that negatively contribute to poor participation of girls on issues of national development,” said Nedi.

He added that the initiative will drill girls on Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/Aids, water and sanitation and gender mainstreaming in just mentioning some.

“It is also our wish to see communities being self-reliant in developing sustainable strategies that allow a girl child to stay in school,” he explained further.

Established in 2016, Girls Talk Initiative is geared to address issues that affect girls aged between 12 to 18 years in their day to day lives both in schools and communities.

Among the issues include physical, mental, psychological and social in nature that contribute towards low girls’ enrolment in schools, absenteeism, low performance in class, high rate of dropout from school, early pregnancies and marriages in teen girls among others.