Colonialists key to resolving Lake Malawi dispute – analysts


A political scientist has advised Malawi and Tanzania to consult the agreement made by colonialists of the two countries in order to resolve the Lake Malawi wrangle which has been there for a long time.

This is coming after President Peter Mutharika said on Wednesday that the whole of Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi.

Besides that, President John Magufuli of Tanzania has been saying that part of Lake Malawi belongs to Tanzania.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Wonderful Mkhutche: Colonialists could be helpful.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said the lake wrangle between Malawi and Tanzania is not new but there is need to consult the colonialists of the two countries.

“The best in this situation is to consult the agreement made by colonialists of the two countries, Britain and Germany,” said Mkhutche.

He added that apart from consulting the colonialists of the two countries, present international agreements on water bodies can also help to end the wrangle.

Mkhutche further said that the possibility of finding oil and gas on the lake is perpetrating the wrangle.

“Presently, the lake dispute is healthy. But the lake has resources like fish and petroleum. These have the potential of escalating the issue,” he said.

According to Mkhutche, letting the dispute continue will become unhealthy for the two countries when one thinks of the developmental relationship they have had.

The political scientist said the public statements that have been there between the two governments on the lake have been worrisome since there is much to lose than gain should the conflict reach the point of an armed conflict.

He added that people want to see this issue being handled maturely but in politics there is a saying that ‘democracies do not fight’ and Malawi and Tanzania are democracies hence it will be unlikely for them to fight.

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