FAM, Govt differ on expatriate coach hiring


…expatriate coach to be hired before CHAN assignment

Despite Malawi Government’s refusal to hire an expatriate coach for the Malawi National Football team, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is set to employ an expatriate coach before Flames’ CHAN assignment away to Madagascar next month.

In a statement released by the country’s soccer governing body on Monday morning after holding an Extraordinary Executive Meeting over the weekend, an expatriate coach is set to be recruited early next month in readiness for the CHAN clash on 21st April 2017.

“Consequent upon these discussions, FAM has expedited the recruitment of a well-qualified and experienced National Coach, who will be an expatriate, for the Senior National team and he will be assisted by two local coaches.

The Flames are yet to have a mentor.

“The recruitment process has since commenced and FAM in touch with the prospective candidates for this crucial position. It is expected that the National Coach will be in place by the time Malawi starts to prepare for the CHAN qualifying matches whose first game is scheduled for 21st April 2017,” reads part of the statement.

According to the association, the expatriate coach will be working with ten local coaches as part of long term capacity and technical development with the aim of sharpening them for National Team takeover.

However, the FA did not disclose as to who will be responsible for paying for the services of the foreign coach.

Initially, the association proposed a 50-50 deal with Government to hire the expatriate, a move which was turned down by the latter.

The team’s position fell vacant following the firing of Ernest Mtawali after a disastrous African Cup of Nations qualifying campaign and Cosafa Senior Challenge Cup tournament.


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  1. Is our country very poor that they can’t even hire a foreign coach?
    Wat is wrong wit Malawi?
    And if some one is willing to help u’ll start calling him a satanic.Wat is becoming of Malawi?

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