Simbi Phiri to construct the tallest building in Malawi

Simbi Phiri

Malawi’s businessman who is based in South Africa Simbi Phiri has disclosed that he will construct the tallest building in Malawi in the capital, Lilongwe.

Malawi24 quoted Phiri when he was speaking in an interview with Zodiak Radio during Tiuzeni Zoona program saying the 14 storey twin tower will be built in City Centre.

Phiri said Malawi needs modern buildings and his aim is to teach those who have money to invest it.

Simbi Phiri
Simbi Phiri says he will invest more in Malawi.

“Posachedwapa tikhala tikuyamba kumanga nyumba ku city centre imene ikhale yayitali mu Lilongwe monsemuno ndi cholinga choti tiwaphunzitse anthu omwe ali ndi ndalama kuti si zonjoyera kapena kupita nazo ku azimayi (we will soon start constructing a building in city centre which will become the tallest in Lilongwe with the aim of teaching other people who have money to invest in Malawi, not to use it for pleasure or womanising).

He also said money is meant for everyone who takes care of it not only for Europeans, Indians or Chinese nationals.

According to Simbi, the building is to be planted opposite Reserve Bank of Malawi at city centre and all regulatory procedures with Lilongwe City Council and other government agencies are in place.

The 18 billion kwacha building project is expected to provide job opportunities during construction and after completion as companies are to occupy spaces in the magnificent building.

Currently in Malawi, some of the tallest buildings are Kang’ombe, Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe and Delamere House in Blantyre.

Phiri who is the executive chairman of Khato Civils and South Zambezi is becoming one of Malawi’s major investors and he also assists the country in agriculture, water, social health, and construction sectors.

His company Khato Civils has also been awarded a contract to tap water from Lake Malawi to Lilongwe in a $500 million mega water project.



  1. Zanyumbayo ee!mangani,koma madzi okha ayi!mufuna nyanja iphwele?magetsi azayaka?chonde nyanja yokhayo isiyeni!!!

  2. Simbi, you are patriotic.
    The water project is vital for our cities therefore go for it as well at the time convenient. If possible invest also in power supply and manufacturing consumables for export to generate foreign exchange.

  3. I want to congratulate you boss for doing that to our nation I think many people wil tek an example through to you malawi we have many bilionairs but they dont want to invest it in our country instead of that they going to overseas and buy flats there sometime I feel shameless if I compare cities of other country with our cities I feel so sad but please boss I want to ask you that you must help malawi government to draft city plan malawi city theres no plan they just bult anyhow and one more im asking boss to contruct a international bus teminal in lilongwe and blantyre then everyone who want use it wil pay rent to you because we tired for waitng giverment to buld it I knw that you living in rsa please design for jobur pack staton and buld it here in lilongwe plz boss I wishng you all the best God bless you

  4. Bushiri should also construct another one just adjacent parliament building.

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