Embangweni United aim for promotion

Bullets vs Tigers

Former Super League side Embangweni United are back in the Simama League this season with the aim of winning the title and getting promotion.

Embangweni United once played in the elite top league and were relegated five years ago. The club also stopped playing in the Simama League but is now back.

Speaking Sunday to Malawi24, general secretary for the team Rodwell Ngulube said they want to win the title in order to go back to the elite league.

“We spent almost two to three years without participating in Simama league, now it’s our time to play and go back into the Super League where we know the weaknesses which led to our relegation,” he said.

He was confident that they will get promoted and stay in the Super League.

“Once we are promoted from Simama we are going to stay and never come back to lower league, we learnt our weaknesses and now we are set,” said Ngulube.

According to Ngulube, they have also assembled their team with the aim of helping the players to lead responsible lives.

“Our main aim is to give young boys something to do in order to prevent some bad behaviour such as drinking beer and others, the only thing is football which will make them busy all the time on other side developing football in Malawi,” he said.