Malawi sex workers tipped on their rights

Victor Mhango

The Centre for Human Rights Education Advice Assistance (CHREAA) on Tuesday held a workshop to drill sex workers on their rights.

The organisations, while noting that the sex workers are “wrongly” judged by many and have their rights violated, reminded the women that they have rights which needs to be protected.

Speaking during the conference in Blantyre, sex workers disclosed challenges such as violence from clients, arrests as well as being forced to sleep with police officers.

Victor Mhango
Mhango; This is way to go.

The sex workers said they face discrimination in their communities including from landlords who call them names like mdulamoyo (killers) and marriage breakers.

They added that they are also called offensive names like “whores” locally known as “mahule”.

Responding to challenges disclosed, CHREAA executive director Victor Mhango urged the sex workers to seek legal action.

Mhango further opened eyes of the sex workers by drilling them on human rights issues in the country.

He added by disclosing that sex work does not fall on the wrong side of the law arguing that the constitution does not prohibit the trade.

CHREAA through a funded project by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, (OSISA) provides legal advice and legal representation to victims of human rights abuse.

The project has witnessed members of Female Sex Workers Association (FSWA) benefiting with legal advice on violation of their rights.

The organization is committed to combating ignorance of rights and to making justice accessible to marginalized communities.