Zakazaka to facilitate Fifa course in Zim

Gomegzani Zakazaka

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Competitions and Media manager Gomezgani Zakazaka has been appointed by Fifa to lead the Fifa connect workshop in Zimbabwe on March 1 and 2.

Zakazaka, who is set to leave on Tuesday, is the lead trainer for the workshop aimed at training Zimbabwe FA staff, affiliates and teams on the Fifa Connect platform.

“Zakazaka as the lead trainer to train the MA staff so that the MA staff can execute testing on the system and train the regions and clubs,” reads the invitation letter from Fifa.

Zakazaka, who is the business manager for the Malawi Mpira Connect which went live on February 7, said he feels honoured to be the first African to be given the role to lead the Fifa Connect training in Africa.

Gomegzani Zakazaka
Zakazaka: To lead the trainers.

“In all the countries a Fifa team from Zurich did the trainings. In Malawi they came in November but for Zimbabwe and other countries they want to use African instructors. I am the first to be assigned.

“The workshop will help me to enhance my understating of the Connect platform. This is good for Malawi to be exporting expertise and I look forward to a success workshop which should lead to more opportunities in future,” he said.

A part from Malawi other countries that have adopted the platform are Ghana, Namibia and Mozambique.

The Fifa Connect is a stakeholder registration platform that will gather data from every corner of the footballing world.

Connect is aimed at setting up a worldwide football registration programme to help organise stakeholders around the world.

The goals of the programme include the systematic registration of players and other stakeholders, the establishment of information systems standards for the exchange of data across national borders, and the promotion of a more fact-based management of football development activities following a global standard.

The information is very important to help on issues like receiving compensation for international transfer, controlling players ages and protection of minors just to mention a few.

*Information from the FAM website



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