Train carrying diesel derails in Blantyre


A train transporting diesel from Blantyre to Limbe overturned on Monday morning after it derailed at Makata Industrial Area in the city.

According to owners of the train Central and East African Railways (CEAR), 240,000 litres of diesel is feared to have been lost during the accident which involved a train with two locomotives and six wagons.


Onlookers at the scene of the incident

After the accident occurred, people from surrounding areas rushed to the scene with jerry cans and buckets to steal fuel but Police reacted quickly to secure the area.

Communications and Corporate Image Manager for CEAR Chisomo Mwamadi said the accident occurred after the two locomotives disconnected which made the wagons to start moving backwards and eventually overturn.

Mwamadi added that there was a huge spillage of fuel which is currently being taken care of by the company and the city’s environmental department.

“We are handling the situation together with the environmental department,” he explained.

According to CEAR, this the first accident to have occurred since the company began its operations.



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  2. Ikanangogwera pa corner yotulukira pa transglobe,mafuta onse akanapopedwamo ndi makaigoni,because this is ”kaigoni-masikini-infested-area”

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  4. The one thing I love about Malawi is that incase of an accident, people would react at lighting speed to scavenge as much as possible before actually helping those affected. I’m not saying that they don’t care or anything, but if saving a life on an accident is that precious then how about saving the victim’s property as well?

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