Technology to track temperature of cold rooms developed in Malawi


Temp-Cras, a new innovative technology that makes it easy to track the temperature of cold rooms, refrigeration systems, and cold vans, has been developed in Malawi to help those in perishable goods businesses save their time.

Since the application was announced, Mechro Systems, the innovators, have received overwhelming feedback from interested companies and stakeholders, according to Mechro Systems managing director, Alinafe Kaliwo.

“It is a simple yet very valuable innovation for the Malawi industry,” said Kaliwo.

“It is an easy system to install as well as implement.”

Alinafe Kaliwo
Alinafe Kaliwo: We have great feedback.

Kaliwo said with Temp-Cras they are offering in-transit temperature monitoring solutions featuring alarming capabilities as well as reporting, and GSM cellular technology. “With the application one can access temperature data while is on the go which means they can save themselves from the hassle of having to monitor temperature for their sensitive goods,” he said.

He challenged those that are into the perishable goods business to try the application.

“For a very long time producers of perishable goods such as fruits, meat and milk have had the problem of adverse temperature conditions damaging their products which has led into them losing off thousands or even millions of cash and resources but with the application this is going to be a story of the past,” explained Kaliwo.

Some of the product features, Kaliwo said, include production of temperature log reports for assets, use of colour codes to show critical temperature levels and system monitoring by an authorized administrator with a secure password authorization system.



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