Chaponda keeps being roasted


There is no break for estranged Minister of Agriculture, George Chaponda, who is being suspected of dealing corruptly with a local company in the purchase of maize in Zambia.

Despite the Court giving him a relief by staying an injunction that suspended him from performing as a Minister, Chaponda has become the topic of memes.

Ranging from his name being a label for Matches, this is in reference to the fire that gutted his office at the height of the accusations and investigations, Chaponda is also trading not only as a synonym for the staple maize but also as a maize vendor.

Malawi24 has compiled some of the trending memes against Chaponda whom some CSOs are calling for his resignation.





  1. The other man !! The fatone loasting maize ‘ looks like my uncle!!
    How do you take him picture without concerned!!
    I need an explanation!!

  2. Chaponda ndi dzina la galu wanjinso yemwe akufuna kutionongera mbili ya dzikoli koma2 musamare ndikangobwelera kundende mundimva2 kuwa agalu inu manyaz bwa?Kinimonyihani nyenyu malaphwa!

  3. people like chaponda thy destroy malawi we dnt want them we are here in s,a we called makwelekwele cz malaw gvt is full of a chaponda,s alipo ambili

  4. MALAWIANS , DON’T BE FOOLED pa kampani munthu akamuganizira kuti wasokoneza amamfufuza akugwira ntchito kapena atamuimika kaye ? This Government Is Not Serious And The Whole Issue Is DRAMA Hon Chaponda Is Innocent As He Always Used To Say This Investigation Is Aimed At Cleaning His Image Before Malawians As The Party Prepares Him To Take Over From Peter So , The Whole Issue Is ( FAKE )

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