Malawi-Egypt to boost development through culture

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

Malawi and Egypt have signed an agreement which is expected to enhance socioeconomic development through exchange of cultural heritage between the two countries.

Speaking during the official signing of Memorandum of Understanding on the same, Malawi’s Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Patricia Kaliati explained that Egyptians took culture as a strong part of their economy and even thousands of years after civilization, they still remain deep-rooted in their heritage and are way ahead of Malawi in development.

“Culture is what defines the character and identity of a nation; and culture is what defines our attitudes and perspective in life and general development as a whole,” explained Kaliati who further disclosed that there would be cultural exchange visits between the two countries where each would learn the other’s activities.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: This is way to go.

The minister also pointed out the need to civic educate communities of both countries on the histories of each other’s cultural activities arguing that community involvement was vital in ensuring maximum results from the agreement.

In his remarks, Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher El-Adawy echoed the minister saying cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture would bring together the two peoples to share ideas with ramifications on development.

According to El-Adawy, the MoU signing was simply some official paperwork cementing activities which were already being practiced, further revealing that Egypt had already celebrated its cultural activities twice in Malawi in 2015 and 2016 and that there was another activity lined up for July 2017.

“This is the sixth document we are signing within the past two years alone and I am glad that the two countries can sign many (relations enhancing) documents in such a time period,” explained the Egyptian Ambassador.

Cultural activities to be shared include theatre festivals and child heritage according to the Civic Education Minister who has since challenged officials to implement what was in the agreement saying “without implementation, this agreement means nothing.”





  1. As Malawians We Are Going To Teach Them How To Burn Offices. We Are Going To Teach Them Also Types Of Gates: Cash_gate, Maize_gate, Ng’ombe_gate, Plane_gate, fire_gate, Nyanja_gate etc. We Are Going To Teach Them How To Write On Their Boarders; “CHENJERANI KWATHU KUNO NDI ANDALE ADYERA!”

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