Asamoah Gyan laughs over haircut warning

Asamoah Gyan

Ghanaian footballer Asamoah Gyan has made a joke out of a warning fired by the United Arab Emirates Football Association (UAEFA) over his haircut.

The 31-year-old is among 46 foreign players plying their trade in the United Arab Emirates who have been warned for unethical haircuts.

This comes as a call for a change of hairstyles to suit the Islamic environment.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan under fire.

Having received the warning, Gyan is said to have laughed over the matter contrary to expectations. As a matter of exercising human rights, he was expected to act defiant.

According to Gyan’s manager Samuel Ado, the Black Stars hitman took it as a joke, a sign that he is going to comply with UAEFA rules.

In an interview with BBC Radio, he implied that his charge has knowledge about the rules considering that he switched to another haircut when he was moving to the Arabian Gulf League side Al Ahli from Chinese side Shanghai SIPG, on loan.

According to UAEFA, a written warning to the concerned party is the first stage of the process. Failure to take heed to the warning will attract heavy penalties ranging from fines to dismissals.

In this regard all the warned players are expected to cut their hair to suit the environment.

United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country and some teachings of the religion prohibits haircuts that only removes hair from selected parts of the head.

This is in fear of corrupting kids as they may end up copying the unethical hairstyles and in the end find themselves in conflict with Islamic religion.

Gyan is in mohawk haircut but as the saying goes, when you are in Rome you do what Romans do, he does not have a choice but switch to a proper style according to the rules.



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