Thief in Church outfit: Gospel musician Suffix accused of stealing


Renowned gospel rapper Suffix is facing accusations of stealing.

A song concept from a secular artist Mphatso Chikalipo was allegedly stolen by the Mkazi wa Kumwamba hit maker.

Mr. P
Mr. P claims the idea in Ndikanakhala Judge by Suffix is his.

Chikalipo popularly known as Mr P, posted on facebook two weeks ago about losing a concept for the song he was planning to release in 2015 entitled Ndinakakhala Mulungu to a top gospel artist he didn’t mention. Neither did he mention the song that emanated from his brainchild.

This propelled Malawi24 to look into the matter whose findings indicate Suffix’ Ndinakakhala Judge was born out of Chikalipo’s Ndinakakhala Mulungu as claimed by the latter.

Mr P told Malawi24 that he recorded a demo for Ndinakakhala Mulungu in 2015 which he sent to Chilobwe based producer Stitch Fray of D and T Records, and Don Foxxy of Step Up Records in Chirimba.

With reference to an article carried by this publication on 22 March 2015, the sorry hit-maker planned to release Ndinakakhala Mulungu in May that year. However the song was not released.

When asked as to why the project failed to materialise, Chikalipo who is also a presenter at FM 101 Power was too quick to say he is a busy person as such his schedule was too jealous to give him space to finish the project.

He added that he only does music because he was born with the talent and not as something he builds his life on.

Suffix: Being accused of stealing the Ndikanakhala Judge concept from Mr. P.

While his project was put in store until he was free to record and release, Suffix dropped Ndinakakhala Judge, a song with a similar concept to his.

However Suffix denied the accusations saying he was inspired by his pastor’s sermon to come up with Ndinakakhala Judge.

“I was inspired by my pastor’s sermon of which a part of it I featured on the joint, the part where you hear someone preaching,” he said in defence.

According to the Mkazi Wa Kumwamba builder, instrumentation for his song in question was created by Stone in Zambia while recording was done by Stitch Fray, one of the producers who received Chikalipo’s demo for Ndinakakhala Mulungu.

Suffix claims it might be a coincidence arguing there is nothing new under the sun, whereas Mr P refutes this due to the many shared features in the two audios. The radio presenter left the project after Suffix dropped Ndinakakhala Judge for fear of being accused of stealing art.

However he does not have hard feelings towards Suffix whom he applauds for doing a good job on his song, thus it affected him in a positive way.

Malawi24 listened to the demo which is argued to have given birth to Ndinakakhala Judge. The two products are similar in many aspects besides the concepts.



  1. koma nyimbo ya mphatso(NDIKANAKHALA MULUNGU ) ndinaimvera last year ikufanana kwambiri ndi ndikanakhala JUDGE . I can share the track kuti muimve kkkk

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  3. Gwamba released betta and slessor claimed anandibera nyimbo “puputa misonzi” wi heard all thoz songz ndie mr P realease ur hit xo dat wi shud have have a chance to judge it ryt..

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