Nankhumwa to continue as Leader of House

Kondwani Nankhumwa

President Peter Mutharika has allowed Minister of Local government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa to carry on as Leader of the House in Parliament.

This follows opposition Parliamentarians’ move to block Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda from leading the House.

Kondwani Nankhumwa
Nankhumwa: To continue leader in Parliament.

Business came to a halt in the House on Monday after the government side announced that embattled minister of Agriculture George Chaponda would be reinstated as Leader of the House.

Parliamentarians protested the decision saying they could not be led by the minister since he is facing accusations of corruption for his role in the maize procurement deal.

The protests forced Speaker Richard Msowoya to suspend proceedings to Tuesday.

But this morning peace returned to the House after First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje announced that Nankhumwa who took over the role of Leader of the House in an acting capacity last week   will continue to lead the House until the end of the current sitting.

However Chilenje said Nankhumwa will still hold the position in an acting capacity.



  1. Koma Petro zachimanga m’mene tikudandauliramu bwanji osamuchosa pa u Minister? mwina anagawanatu matumbawo tikungovutika ndife.

  2. For sure he must retire i mean the current or the sitting leader he have no clue on how to run this small country please Malawians call for an early election to stop this mess before the country turn into animal farm

  3. The Group Of Opportunists Gather Together To Deveour our Wealth. Its a lesson to us the Bonafides of Mother Malawi that We should refrain from Voting people with no Identity, Who got retired some where.Well Honourable Nankhumwa is Just holding un umbrella for someone kkkkkkk.Ndale za Anyapapi

  4. At times it not a wrong thng for those with higher positions like the president to listen to wat the masses are sayin..eya they are uneducated, unexperienced and of course they virtually kno nothn abt politics, the fact remains dat u stand 4 em n u should heed to wat they say..we knew chaponda was dirty 4m the beginnin mmalo mwake u set up wat u call an inquiry….do u thnk the crooked chaponda knows nothn abt wat malawian inquiries look for? They are mafias n they do mafia can tek yrs 4 an inquiry to discova wat actually transpired on dat maizedeal nt the stupid 30 dayz..pitala b a man n grab some sense..u may nt b a thief urself bt by nurturin these niggaz am happy to call u ring leada in this vandalism..popeza office yapsa mukut sakhalanso leada of the house kwina konseku simumakhulupirira kut ndi mbava? Tangoonani mmene amaonekera muja..

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