Malawians urged to conserve environment to prevent floods


President Peter Mutharika has urged Malawians to conserve the environment with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change that are causing floods.

Mutharika was speaking in Salima where 1, 030 households have been affected by floods.

The Malawi leader told people in the district to be at the forefront of alleviating the challenges of climate change that are causing floods.

“But as we go through these sad times, let us remember that it is our responsibility to stop this flooding from happening again. Climate change is real, and let us do our part to preserve the environment.”

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Says floods are avoidable.

“Just two years ago, we got devastating floods in most of the country. A year later we had serious drought in most parts of the country. This year we are experiencing floods in areas that are not traditionally known to be flood-prone areas, such as Salima and Lilongwe,” Mutharika said.

He then called on Malawians to plant many trees as they can. In his take on the Lilongwe flood incident, Mutharika said that informal and unplanned settlements fuelled the floods.

“Let me ask the relevant authorities to stop informal and unplanned settlements, poor construction and limited drainage systems. The flooding in Lilongwe is associated with these factors,” he revealed.

The president then assured the flood victims that his government will try all possible ways to help them.

“Let me conclude by assuring you that my government is with you, and will be with you through and through. Please receive the support that government and its partners have brought. More will be coming,” he assured.

In Salima, in Traditional Authorities Ndindi and Pemba, there are over 1,030 households that have been displaced, and they are currently being housed in 5 emergency camps at Kandulu, Lifidzi, Mtanda Woyera and Msumwa School camps.

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