FAM drills team doctors

Sports Medicine training

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has urged football team doctors to look beyond treating normal football injuries and take responsibility in enforcing ant doping measures at their respective teams.

FAM Executive Committee member Daud Suleman made the remarks when he officially opened a four day Sports Medicine workshop at the Mpira Village in Blantyre on Monday 13 February 2017.

Suleiman said team doctors fail to monitor the lifestyle’s of their players, who are subjected to numerous substances that put them at the risk of doping.

Sports Medicine training
Sports Medicine training.

“Team doctors play a very important role in the technical aspect of our football. Our players are our assets as such we need to make sure that they are in good shape both physically as well as in lifestyle sense.

“Lately our lifestyles has been comprised  a lot with so much drinks and foods on the market and if we are not careful we will be exposing our players to substances that are on the banned list.

“It is the duty of our team doctors to make sure that all substances that our players are exposed to do not compromise doping issues,” said Suleman.

The workshop has attracted 25 participants including all Super League teams’ doctors.

It is being facilitated by Fifa trained instructors, former Flames doctor Mathews Mangondo and current Flames doctor Levison Mwale.

Among other topics the workshop will tackle Rehabilitation, sport injuries, improving performances strategies. Communicable diseases. Concussion in sports, Doping, Nutrition and cardiac Arrest


Full list of participants-

  1.  G Bray Sangala                               – Azam Tigers Football Club
  2. Felix Mwalule                                  – Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club
  3. Sam Matukuta                                – Be Forward Football Club
  4. Willy Kamoto                                   – Fisd Football Club
  5. Tony Chewa                                     – Red Lions Football Club
  6. Chikondi Kamanga                         – Silver Strikers Football Club
  7. Liso Duwe                                         – EPAC Football Club
  8. Fyson Chimkango                          – Kamuzu Barracks Football Club
  9. Noel Kainja                                       – Blue Eagles Football Club
  10. Victor Jobo                                       – Dwangwa United Football Club
  11. McDonald Linyama                       – MAFCO Football Club
  12. Richard Kumwenda                       – Master Security Football Club
  13. Christopher Mwenigamba          – Mzuni Football Club
  14. Ganizani Mamu                              – Moyale Barracks Football Club
  15. Jonathan Gondwe                         – Chitipa United Football Club
  16.  No name available                        – Blantyre United Football Club
  17. Milly Kumwenda                            – National Women Football Team
  18. Hilda Phiri                                         – National Women Football Team
  19. Captain Kondwani Chipanda      – U 17 National Football Team
  20. Wisdom Mkandawire                   – U 20 National Football Team
  21. Hape Tembo                                  – Ear marked for future Youth Teams


  1. Levison Mwale                                – FIFA Sports Medicine Local Instructor
  2. Mathews Mangondo                    – FIFA Sports Medicine Local Instructoe
  3. Isaac Chapweteka                          – Invited specialist (COM)
  4. Kenneth Kapatuka                         – Invited specialist(COM)

*Report by the Football Association of Malawi



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