Malawians welcome Frozy return


People in the country have welcomed the suspension of a ban on Mozambican fizzy drink Frozy.

On Monday, Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) lifted its ban on Frozy saying the drink now has the required amounts of citric acid and benzoate.

The lifting of the ban has since been welcomed by Malawians as they had found Frozy a cheaper alternative to other soft drinks.

“Welcome back my dear Frozy miss you, m’mene unachoka pakati zachitika zambiri m’bale wanga Frozy. Zokumwa zina zinakwera mtengo koma tsopano ndakunyadira kuti wabweranso ndakulandira,” said Deshow Msosa.

While Ganz Chriesy Chipeyah said: “Jealous a Malawi too much mumangofuna kuti nthawi yachisangalaro ija azanuwo asagulitse Frozy dziko lanulii tikhalira zomwezo basii osatukukaa.”

However, some Malawians expressed worry over the return of the drink.

Francis Hope Chirombo said: “Drink has much acid, and in few months’ time? BP and all its related fast killer Diseases. MBS yakusambilani m’manja. Imwani mmene mufunila. It’s your choice. It’s a depopulation campaign and with your blind eyes and deaf ears, you can’t see this. Never will this stuff cross my mouth.”

While Isaacs Chamatwa II said: “That’s why Malawi is still poor, how can a nation do well yet they are dealing with stuff from outside? Come here in SA samalora kugulitsa katundu wakunja that’s why SA ili yochitika.”

Meanwhile, MBS says it will continue to carry out quality monitoring processes on the product under its Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS), which shall include border inspections, sample analyses and market surveillance to ensure its compliance on the market.



  1. FROZZY ALI MUSHEE!; ndinkhani ya bwino dzedi; mwina tingapumeko kunyamula thobwa kumunda; tidzinyamula FROZZY yemweyo ngati nkhomalilo; monga ine chikumbe ndakondwa nayo SOFT DRINK ameneyu;

  2. Corruption,jealousy & greediness are diseases which are eating up & killing Malawian nation from inside-out

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