Throwing away pains: Zambian Prophet to perform healing miracles in Malawi

Willy Munyeta

Following an order that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples to ‘heal the sick’, a Zambian Prophet is expected to perform healing miracles in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre.

The prophet Willy Munyeta disclosed that the miracles will see many being relieved from the pains of different diseases.

Munyeta, founder and general overseer of All For Christ Ministries International Church confirmed to Malawi24 that healing miracles service will see people giving glory to God.

“After Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the pouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the apostles did breath-taking miracles just as Jesus Christ promised them so are we. As recorded in Acts 5:14-16.

“And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes (both of men and women.) In so much that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. And I believe the Holy Spirit is to touch our fellow brothers and sisters through the service we are to have in Blantyre,” said Munyeta

Willy Munyeta
Willy Munyeta coming to Malawi.

He further urged Blantyre residents not to miss God’s mercy through the service to be conducted at Chilobwe Township in Blantyre.

“God’s willpower is for all persons to live an abundant life in perfect health, and it is my wish to see many people attending the service and for those that may wish to be part of the healing service they can find us on this mobile line +265999647610,” he added.

All For Christ Ministries International Church was founded in 2013 and has branches in Zambia and India.



  1. We thank God, Prophet Willy Munyeta for delivering Mr Edward Ajasi aged 30 years who became mad at the age of 6 years and had been suffering from mental disorder, enabling to see and walk for 24 years in Chilobwe Town, Blantyre, Malawi.

  2. When you know the truth, the truth shall set you free, then you will freely hear what the Spirit of the Lord of Most High God says to your inner man, then from what you hear from the Spirit of God the same will voice it out, other wise noise will come out from the emputy drum, remember in the fullness of the heart man’s speeks, brothers & sister are filled with the Spirit of God or not, remember our Lord Jesus is coming soon very soon are you ready, please watch and pray fot the hour has now come, love you all, but my Lord Jesus His love is greater appone than I do

  3. Inunso mukunena za bushiri who z bushiri z bushiri jesus? Bwanji osamapemphera pa nokha kwa mulungu molimbika ndi kutama yesu? Koma mwayamba kupembeza munthu nzanu muli nkusadziwa. Ngati anthu aku S.A akumutcha mfumu nde mukusatira zoti chifukwa iwo akumulemekeza kapena mukupanga za chikulupiliro chanu, ku SA nde dzikonso lomwe satana anapondako too much. anthu oti they are after money they follow him kuti awapangire miracle money shaaaa zachani just workhard and pray for wisdom from God ndipo pakhalepakhale amakupatsa za mulungu sizimakhala motero za bushiri zanuzo

  4. Ife nde ationelera ee adziwa kuti timangotengeka nzilizonse aona ngati ife nde polemelera pawo sindimakhulupilira prphet ine. Ndimakhulupilira mulungu wa mwambayo osayamba kuchita miracle ndi anthu akwanu bwanji kwasala prophet wina tidzamunyamula mmalere ndikunkataya

  5. And how come the same prophets fail to perform the said ‘miracles’ at home but rather on foreign land? Is it because at home all tricks are well known?

  6. Vuto la a Malawi sitichedwa kukhothetsa nkhani, apa palibe zoti wina abweretse nkhani yachipembezo koma kupeleka maganizo anu mogwirizana ndi momwe nkhani yafikira. Apa pali njira ziwiri’ kusata ma prophet kapena kusawasata cause mau a bible tikuwaziwa

  7. Today, almost every country has one or two or more prophets.

    I don’t hear the worst of other prophets, compared to Bushiri.

    Have read some comments, not that bad compared to our fellow Malawian Prophet.

    Just passing,,bye!

  8. A Lashid mwati mutero? kkkkkk okay , koma chomwe mukuenela kupanga ndikungoikapo comment yanuyo not kukhala ngati inuyo ndanzeru kwambiri, Anzanunso abwelesa zawo, zotsatila zake muamba kukangana, do u think aliyense angamanene kuti Allah kunena MULUNGU? KKKKK nde zikomo lino ndilachisilamutu inu zinenani Zanuzo enanso azinenanso mmene amanenela basi muziganiza musanaike comment

    1. A shashid mwadya chamba. Mmutu mwanu mwadzaza mphombo ndiye zikakayamba kulumphalumpha zumakupengesa, ukawafunse a sheikh a komwe umakaswali akakuuza kuti Allah is arabic while in English is God(with big G)

    2. This religious issue is out of contest at the end of the day God is one . Which ever way you use back door or front door God is one. Dont compare religions you cnt force someone in what you believe in Shahid Luswala Zouzo Man Chirwa Kay Nalu Themba Nkosi James Chimwaza

    3. Allah is fake stupid black muslims arabs deceive u to believe in fake god called allah muhammad was also a fake prophet he rapes a small girl called aisha jesus is the only way to heaven like it or not islam is a satanic religion it is asociated with terrorism raping beheading and homosexuals

    4. U ll know at the day of judgement that what’s right what’s wrong …I m not saying Jesus is not way of heaven he is also prophet … But u 1 man changed ur holy book…

  9. Komadi mfumu simalemekezedwa kwao, munakana bushiri munkati ndi wa satanic pano mukufuna izi ,eech mmalawi sungamuvetse. .

  10. masiku otsiriza aneneri onyenga adzachuluka kunamiza anthu ndi zozizwa zawo khamu lambiri lizamukako koma iwe owerenga khala maso ndipo usamukeko

  11. Mukukana wanu wanu bushiri mukufuna waku Zambia???? Poor fucken Malawians don’t u know that these pipo work together?????

    1. Where did you got from? God is not white nor black nor yellow or red. God is a Spirit. And He is a loving God, kind God, caring God in whose image you and I are suppose to be. However I pitty you for you fell into the devils nest by the simple fact of rejecting Him. I pray that one day you will realise who trully God is.

    2. Father the son and the holly spirit,, is Jesus not part of god’s gene…so you have to pray to jesus, first, in oder to communicate with god who is a spirit? how? thats dosent make sense to me.. if god is a spirit, thats means it is inside in me, am i rite?.. And i dont need prayer.. Im okay.

    3. God is a father spirit. We his children are different. In heaven are Seraphim’s, cherubims, elders, creatures, angels.Here on earth are different kinds of people . You can deny that but God does not .

    4. The one i know is a melanated God,, who created himself/herself threw a melanated universe,the earth was dark in the begining. Ask the sun, if you disagree

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