Malawi clergy happy with Trump


He might be under fire from almost all the quarters of the world but new American President Donald Trump has gotten the backing of Malawian pastors.

Trump: Pleases the clergy in Malawi.

Members of the clergy in Malawi have spoken in support of American president Donald Trump whose administration has cut pro-abortion aid to African countries on issues of promoting abortion.

Trump’s Republican administration, which believes in Christian doctrines, has totally denounced promotion of some human rights which contradicts Christian principles.

In his first week in office, Trump signed an executive order to stop federal money going to international groups which perform or provide information on abortion.

Though his decisions on things to do with human rights have received criticism, some reverends in Malawi feel that Trump is the leader America and the whole world had been waiting for.

General Secretary for the Livingstonia Synod Reverend Levi Nyondo said Trump’s administration has done quite a commendable job in suspending aid that support immoralities.

“That is great of him. We have been waiting for that. As members of the clergy we totally support his decision. We don’t want gays and abortion,” he said.

Another man of God,             Pastor Ian Soko of redeemed ministries foundation, said Trump being someone who is representing and trying to protect Christian values needs support from the Christian community.

He said some people hate Trump for reasons they cannot even justify yet “the new American leader is doing just fine.”



  1. Thnk b4 u talk dnt jst copy the idear of sm1, u hv to comment wth whats realy in ur mind. Osangosangalatsa anthu musakudziwa komwe mukupita. Choice is urz support Trump or nt but mk sure u r src of wat u r saying, ndikungodutsamo ine ndilibe mbali.

  2. Trump is the man! Everyone who believes in Moral values will love him. There is no way people will he allowed to do whatever they want in the name of democracy no! China is becoming a supper power than Amenerica because kuli chisawawa ku america. Its time to bring order in America. Amene akudana ndi Trump are illegal migrants, people who are so roten to believe in sake sex marriages, and abortions; Sorry not at Trump time

  3. So you mean God is blessing him for being a fascist and breeding terror on his people? Mmm….. I am sure Malawi is one of a few nations to like him. Kapena chifukwa cha umphawi tikuona ngati atimvela chisoni? Ng’oooooo

  4. Trump ndi fisi wachabechabe nde zisilu zina ziziti tili pambuyo pake ,ngati pa speach yake yoyamba anati #africans-are-lazy-fools nde mbuzi ina yake ikamusapote mukuona ngati akutumizilani us$ #idiots

  5. khoswe akamaluma amayamba ndkupemelera thats trump he is devil, but u malawian u dnt kwn that u dnt knw nde mkutengeka kwanuko mazalira zed maka maka inu azbusa a bozanu, kususuka bas

  6. Ndimfumu yopsa iposa papa ndiazibusa ambili pasipano komabe. Ifukha nzelu kucokela kwamuthu wakuda Mugabe sanavomeleze nyasi za maukwati aathu ofanana ziwalo sanavomeleze kucotsa pakati sanavomelezeso nzungu kumulanda zake zamakolo ake

  7. A Malawi ndife anthu otengeka kwambiri. Timasapota munthu amene simamdziwa bwinobwino just because he/she is white. Umupeza wina wavala malaya ojambulidwa Chris Brown koma chonsecho ku America kulibeko munthu amene amavala t/shirt yojambulidwa Skeffa Chimoto. How possible is it that somebody from Malawi supporting Donald Trump yet nobody in America tends to rally hehind Mutharika? Shame on You!

  8. Any change of things,or new development faces opposition,some of reasons why other countries are opposing him is becouse,they were used to previous systems,and they already have connection of benefiting from the is not becouse they have a good concern,so mr Trump has given them a touph time since many of them they will face end of load,in other finacial incomes,so lets wait and see how long will they shout couse the orders have already signed,just waiting to b inpremented.wina alila apa yooooo

  9. These Malawi clergy happy with Trump, if they want more Children first help those already born who are suffering in villages and hospitals if they really care but if not get out of women panties as women said.

    1. Stop implegnating them. Abortion is not a solution thats killing. If you don’t want children, stop making them.

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