Goodall earns teachers’ wrath over salary comments

Goodall Gondwe

Teachers union of Malawi (TUM) has cautioned government officials to stop making remarks which can end up angering teachers and other civil servants.

The remarks  have been made by Tum’s general secretary Dennis Kalekeni.

Kalekeni: The remarks will have a negative effect on civil servants.

Kalekeni expressed the concern in reaction to a statement made by the  Minister of Finance  Goodall  Gondwe that if  people working  in the public sector want to become rich then  they  should join the private sector.

According to him, what the minister said may negatively affect their work and productivity.

Kalekeni also stressed that  as a union they are not pleased with the remarks that the civil servants should stop demanding better pay from government.

“As unions we do not negotiate with the minister, we negotiate with the government only,” he  said .

The Tum general secretary said that it is no secret that teachers and many civil servants in the country are suffering a lot because of high cost of living .

He therefore advised  Gondwe to think critically before saying anything on air  and to Malawians as well .



  1. Inu a ku edingeni, hewe, Emanyareni tamuyitaneni muzamupase u village headman his service aa minister is no longer needed. And u can now see all those stupid CSOs are quite and are no where to been just bacause ndi wa kwao koma akanakhala wa kummwera phokoso thoooo zitsiru, Nosense

  2. Honestly This Man Deserved To Be Fired. We Are Going Thru Thick And Thin At The Moment Instead Making Statements That Will Pacify The Minds Of Civil Servants He Goes On To Irritate Them. Do Some Pple Hav A Human Heart Heart?

  3. Mukuti atumbuka nanga Chaponda ndi mtumbuka?Please guys osasankhana mitundu we are all malawians I hate someone whose is somehow a racist

  4. He is not the only person making mistakes that one can insult each every Tumbuka if we react what do you say ATUMBUKA tsankho okay Zambia Malawi maize deal ATUMBUKA amenewa

  5. Leave them, God is watching them, as for me, its Joice Banda who raised my salary to atleast a figure that reduced my shame. Miss u my beloved president,_JB,

  6. Ka salary kawo ndi survival of the fittest,this old tumbuka puppet watikwana,these Cash & maize Gaters must check their tongues before saying any thing to their servants

  7. Am also a teacher but the way some teachers perform do not deserve salary increament. Absenteesm, abscondment and so forth.

  8. Mudara uyu walikuchekura mumugowokere ngwakufutha sono patheuna wakuyowoya vyambula nzeru apo wali apo wakumanya kuti wene mpoto wakumukhumba cha alekani wazungulira mutu

  9. such remarks are the ones making education standards to continue dwindling! continue with such remarks and see how education will go like! a teacher needs to be motivated!

  10. its not about tribe here! we r all Malawians despite our tribes! hence comment on Goodall’s statement not tribe ! however Goodall has made a rubish statement thats in-human! nonsense!!!!! but cash gate thats wat you do best!

  11. Goodall must retire…. Find solutions and stop insulting and using people….

    Why should a minister even intitled to get a salary if a teacher who is imployed by the government is intitled to not ask for salary increment.

    Being a government minister is a calling to serve citizens, civil servants are citizens employed by the government…. Why calling them servant?

    Teaching is a career not a calling…. Even people who are called such as pastors get payed. Stop twisting people Goodall.

    Insulting and threatening people is not a solution….
    Go and rest with your ancient political ideologies Goodall.

    Why are you even constructing TTC’s and universities….. Are you doing all this to raise money for alcohol and pot?

    Go rest and have peace Goodall

  12. Quite a few teachers & almost all others in the Civil Service surely deserve such remarks. Knowing that the truth hurts those, such remarks point at, this comment may certainly do. Funny part in most cases is that the lazy & those employed from the back door are always so demanding & emotional at wrong times & reasons.

  13. Mr Tobias M. Phiri the issue here is about Mr Goodall Gondwe, that has nothing to do with the tribe {TUMBUKA} I beg you Mr T we are all Malawians tisatukwanane

  14. ati ngati mwatopa nayo job ya m,boma kayambeni kulima thonje,kkkkk makosa amenewa alibe nhkawa moyo wakumwamba adayamba kale kuwubva pasipano.

  15. Njovu Zikamamenyana Umavutika Ndi Udzu,kulira Kwa Trs Akuvutika Ndi Ana,excp Mre Mbuli in ths country in th Ner Futre

  16. Goodall mbuzi ya munthu kuda ngati mtumbuka and tum officials mbuzi za anthu,,,teaching is good professional but bcoz of these self emposed tum officials who are fueling govt to ignore teachers needs by being bribed,,

  17. Mmmmmmm mtundu wandale uwuu ukutitola antchito zam’bomafe Mpaka kutinamizira kuti. Anatipatsa Leave Grant ya 2015/2016 Mmmmmmm tichitepo kanthu apaaaaaa tatopa Ife

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