Civil servants need financial literacy training – CCJP

Martin Chiphwanya

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) says there is the need for government to start providing financial literacy training to civil servants in order to avoid financial mismanagement.

Martin Chiphwanya
Chiphwanya: Training is needed to civil servants.

This is coming at a time when the Treasury has made it known that it will not provide funds to government departments which will fail to account how they used the money they received previously.

National Coordinator for CCJP Martin Chiphwanya said it’s sad that we still hear of financial mismanagement in various sectors of the government hence the need to tighten any leakages and provide training.

“There is need for government to provide financial literacy to people as this will help curb financial mismanagement which is rampant in the country,” said Chiphwanya.

He added that the Treasury has made a good decision to demand financial reports in return for more funding since the move will help in reducing financial mismanagement.

According to Chiphwanya, the decision by the Treasury will make sure that government bodies do not misuse funds meant for the development of the country hence the country will win back its financial muscle.

He further said that there is need to start auditing city councils so that they should use public funds for intended purpose.



  1. Much as what you say is true, kukonzanso malipiro kuti azigwirizanz ndi cost of living should be the priority, your point second. Inuyo abwana mutamalandila below K100,000.00 maphunziro mukunenawa sangakupindulireni ata. Tikanaonera andalewa, kulandila malipiro ochuluka, ma allowance including their dogs koma kuba ndiye patsogolo. Amenewa ndiye akufunika maphunzirowa because they are failing to manage too much they already have.

  2. koma sindikumvetsa mmayesa anthu amenewa kuti alembedwe ntchito amakhala ayenelezedwa ndimaphunziro awo phunziro lilinse liri ndi kuwerengera bwino zachuma , ndikuona ngati mukufuna kupereka mpata kwa anthu amene amaononga chuma cha boma kapena mabungwe olo makapani ponamizira kuti sanaphunzitsidwe munthu akamaba sikuti sakudziwa ai ali ndimtima wa kuba ndi kofunika kumochotsa oasti aphunzitsidwe

  3. I don’t think this is only for civil servants but also the civil society and the private sector as they have nothing to show. Most businesses are surviving through milking the govt

  4. In other words, the CCJP is saying that the people hired to perform these government jobs are not qualified in the first place. Otherwise, why else would there be need to get these knuckleheads trained?

  5. Agree with you. In fact, let be as a starting point be ongoing because there are many more other resources over finances, being mismanaged or/and mishandled.

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