The DPP and its hatred for Progressives: the case of Blantyre Mayoral polls

George Chaponda

It is an open secret that Vice President Saulos Chilima is not a favourite of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Instead the party has embraced George Chaponda whose ministry is rocked under a corruption allegation.

In Chaponda, the DPP sees a possible Peter Mutharika successor. This is despite Chaponda’s no record of achievement, his untamed temper and the corruption his ministries have been involved in lately.

George Chaponda
Chaponda (left) believed to be Mutharika’s (C) favourite successor.

While on the other hand Chilima seems to be a Progressive, Chaponda is a force of the dark. Surprisingly, the DPP has opted to align with Chaponda. The person under whose watch a corruption unfolded in the country’s foreign missions.

Chilima speaks truth to the DPP and his recent true message heralded his fall from grace: the President stripped him off the powers of presiding over the useless reforms. In the place of Chilima, a renowned punctual and truthful speaking individual, there has come Peter Mutharika, arguably Malawi’s most uninspiring leader. Worse than even Joyce Banda.

If it were another party, it could have been a surprise but coming from the DPP, those of us who know it enough know that it is the very foundation of the party to hate and dislike progressive people.

Lest we forget, not long ago there was a hardworking minister from Thyolo. Allan Chiyembekeza was his name.

Chiyembekeza was not just truthful but he was also a hardworking minister. Those of us who had the opportunity to interact with him can attest.

Wild Ndipo, Noel Chalamanda
Wild Ndipo poses with Noel Chalamanda after the polls.

Despite all his hardwork, however, the DPP using the puppet it has in Peter Mutharika chopped him for no explanation. Instead it maintained the thieving Chaponda, the useless Kaliati and the gossiping Nankhumwa; as if such individuals can represent anything progressive.

In its loath for Progressives, the DPP decided to crack a whip on the Blantyre mayor, Noel Chalamanda, in the mayoral polls.

While it is very true that Chalamanda has not transformed Blantyre to, say, Kigali, it is also true that of all the mayors that 2014 elections gave us, it is only Chalamanda who performed or showed the willingness of performing.

It was Chalamanda who initiated the idea of institutions adopting roundabouts so that they resemble a place in a city. It was Chalamanda who finally established to Malawians that they could afford to fund lights in their own streets. It was Chalamanda who took the bold, yet unfulfilled step, of promising to take down ugly buildings in our cities. It was Chalamanda who reintroduced the Mayor’s trophy, a boost to sports and of course an engagement of the youth. It was Chalamanda who was ready to bring sanity to the cities by dragging the noise polluters to court so they could be evicted from our homes.

Chalamanda was not a saint nor was he anywhere near being an accomplished achiever but you only need to look at Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu to appreciate the courage of the short man.

It therefore came as a surprise to hear that at the mayoral polls in Blantyre, the DPP councillors had decided to evict Chalamanda of his Mayoral residence and opt for his deputy, Wild Ndipo.

While I am not familiar with the guy with the funny name, Wild, I am not sure that he has done anything worth of him to unseat Chalamanda. The only qualification I see in him is that he is a darling of the DPP, a party that detests progressives yet embrace thugs and corrupt thieves.

I might be wrong about my thoughts on Wild but so far there is no ward in Blantyre that boasts of weird developments and that ward has Wild as its Councillor. Where then did these DPP Councillors who appear to have strategically connived against Chalamanda get the knowledge that Chalamanda has failed and only some guy from the wild can rescue us?




  1. That Is Wishful thinking on the part of those who think political game is played on facebook, Chilima is central region representative and dpp together with the vp are strategisticians, you may be right in your opinions and thinking but what i have observed is dpp doesnot throw away its loyal members, this party cares for its own don’t be cheated or fool yourselves, dpp is intact from the bottom up.

  2. Plz this tym is for developing malawi not busy with politics tikupusatu apa amalawi nthawi ya ndale ifika chonde 2019. Chaka chino ndichammawa chokha abale chonde titukure malawi

  3. Anthu akumwera ndi makape inu , amasankha munthu chifukwa chakut akuchoka Ku mwera osat ntchito za munthuyo ai, ngakhale macholowe akadaimilila u President akadamusankhabe sinanga akuchoka kumwera. dziko ili likadakhala lalikulu tikanangogawana chifukwa silidzatukuka ndi anthu akumwera .ambiri ndi mbava , mahule osankhana mitundu ndipo amadya ndale safuna zitukuko.

    1. Iwe ukunyoza akumwela koma ukufuna iwowo avotere wakwami why

  4. I kindly congratulate D.P.P , yes that’s big deal to choose George chaponda to be vice President, coz I know that that’s the end of blood party.ndikufuna chipani ichi chithe basi.

  5. mumkateronso muluzi atasankha malemu bingu kuti akhale presdent koma pamapeto pake anakhala lero mukudanazo kuti Chaponda azakhale presdent ziwani kuti ngati kunalembedwa kuti next presdent ndi chaponda mufune musafune azakhala this is politics unless ngati simukuziwa

  6. Let it be,,I see it as one way God want to use to change leadership in Malawi coz pple have lost hope n trust in chaponda

  7. Free advice to DPP;Malawians are not fools,don’t make stupid choices, you may regreat 2019 for not listening.If i were Peter i could keep Chilima close for the benifit of the party and national at large.He’s the one who brought fresh air into the party…..don’t take people for granted.

  8. Wakumwera wake iweyo wekha osati tonse. Enafe we can deferencient btwn rt and wrong. Chaponda is a thief,liar and hypocrite, he can’t be trusted to be the President.

  9. Chilima oro atajoina chipani chilichonse or atayambisa chake nothing can change.Ndipo Chilima sangaphulebe kanhu DPP ndi amuna osasewera nawo chikuzawinabe basi 2019.Oife aku Mwera tikuziwa kuti pompano Chilima amuchosamo kapena achoka yekha.Pali iyepo akudziwa kuti 2019 sangadzakhale running mae wanzeru akuziwa zimenezi

    1. Kkkkkkkkkkk zomwe mukunenazo pachabe ine ndikuwakoka mafana anga azibwera kuno.Kuphunzira ntchito yamanja ndinadalisidwa ine kumenya Pannel beaters n Spray painting ndilipheeeee.Kumanga nyumba yoyamba ndikumanga yachiwiri ndkuphunzitsa mafana secondary ndi primary.Koma mbal yanga ndiya DPP ndipo izakukunthaninso 2019 mufne musafune

    2. Ineso ndi waku m’mwera koma sitingawaikire kumbuyo a DPP awonjeza naye Peter akuona kuti Chaponda akuononga dziko koma iye ali phwii osamuchotsa pa unduna

  10. I’m sick to death and tired of hearing names of these same old as fuck individuals day in day out. In fact I’m now moved to say that Malawi must be closed it does not qualify to be a country demeti.

  11. It will be good move if this Dead Peoples Party parted ways with Chilima.
    We will hear, expose the dirtiest acts of this ruthless party which has cripple Malawis’ economic and social growths.
    Chilima As I see him don’t belong there, he belongs to part with visionary goals to uplift Malawians from danger of collapse.
    Please ring back him to construct and amend the breakages you gave caused.

  12. This is what is expected.Nothing different Chaponda in the next government.It shall be no money budget but things will keep going.

  13. Just a tip… whenever the politics/media uses the term “progressive”, what they mean is “God hating, left wing, homo loving, communist-socialist liberals”. You can see this all over the world. Example, South Africa, in the apartheid regime the media called the conservatives “verkramptes” (stuck up) and the liberals “verligtes” (progressive, but literally means enlightened). Today they have a communist, liberal, regime which allows and promotes extreme evil. (and both regimes use racial hatred to keep people in line with their evil policies, which get worse by the day)

    So when they say “progressive” they want you to think “we want to make progress” but what they really mean is “we hate God, we hate morals, we want to progress to a godless, secular, socialist state where all forms of evil is condoned and promoted”.

  14. I for one had known this will happen after these DPP thugs lost the Mayorship in Lilongwe… Why did the authority decide that these elections should be done on different days…If these elections were done on a single day and same time, DPP COULD HAVE REALISED LATE THAT THEY ARE UNPOPULAR, AND COULD HAVE LOST IN ALL CITIES, BUT HOLDING THE ELECTIONS ON DIFFERENT DAYS, GAVE THEM A HEADS UP, AND THEY BRIBED ALL COUNCILLORS IN BLANTYRE TO MAKE SURE THEY WIN, AND THAT I EXPECTED IT…NO 1 COULD HAVE BEATEN CHALAMANDA ON A FLAT GROUND

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