Churches to pray for Malawi for 21 days


The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has organised prayers in the wake of economic problems rocking the nation.

Dubbed “the 21 days of prayers for healing our nation”, the prayers started yesterday and are being conducted under the theme, God heal our nation.

The prayers will be concluded on 29th January.

Prayers for the Malawi nation to centre on decisions made by these politicians.

In a statement released by EAM, the religious body has stressed the need for divine intervention if the country’s economy is to revamp.

In this light all Malawians are being advised to take part in the prayers. “It is undeniable fact that our country is facing serious socioeconomic challenges which have significantly affected public service delivery and hence negatively affecting the country’s democratic and economic growth,” reads part of the statement”.

The umbrella body has cited challenges which have left the nation in this pathetic state. It argues that sin is the mother of all these problems thus the need to purify the nation through prayers.

“The Cashgate, Tractorgate, Maizegate, and all other gates that may have happened or are happening behind the public eye, for example, are tragedies that call for serious holistic sober reflections – spiritual, political, social and economic – on the current state of our nation in view of our national development aspirations.”

Malawi is being likened to a rebellious sinful nation foretold by Prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 1: 1-6. A nation that has befriended the devil making it hard to do things the right way especially on part of those in leadership roles.

These prayers shall be centred on 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my Name, humble themselves and pray and repent of their sins, I will hear from heaven and heal their nation.” Those who can fast are encouraged to do so during this period.



  1. Haha…
    Ndee mukuti you need God alowererepo??? Kumeneko nkuvomeleza kuti nzeru mulibe,, kapena you’re too lazy to work things out??? What kind of a dirty mix of pple are you??? “We need prayers kuti our leaders should stop stealing”. Really??? Inuyo you are taking 21 days kukapemphera,,, expecting kuti ena akugwirileni ntchito kuti economy iyende bho??? That’s not how things work.. Even God used to send Israel to battles…. Muzingopemphera without action… Inuyo angelo,, chani??? If you want things to change, then rise and fight.. Akulakwisa zinthu mukuwaziwa.. Mavuto mukuwaziwa.. Solutions tikuwaziwa… Ndee uchisiru wanuwo lekani.. Chikhristu chakukanikani…

  2. Pempherelani kuti mzimu wa kuba u choke pakati pa a Malawi, kuba kukadzatha chuma chathu chidzapita patsogolo. Ama church chilungamo mukuchidziwa , bwelani poyela ndikunena kuti : Tiyeni tonse Malawi tigwilane manja kuyambila ku nsanje mpaka ku chitipa, tipemphere kuti umbava u the.

  3. Kkkkk! To pray for what? Just tell the ruling thieves to repent and return the money to the public coffers or else arrest them. Money will not drop from heaven as manna but from our own taxes and development partners.

  4. Prayers 4 what? Don’t test God. Are you sure we Malawi we don’t the courses of all challenges.look the way chapanda,and president are acting? Is there any love for the country. As church write them that you have failed Malawians pack and move. Or pray that God should deal with them as did last time. Other wise don’t waste poles time let them go to there farms and make tomorrow’s nsima.

  5. The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM)! GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN & EARTH!! I do agree with you to have prayers in the work of ECONOMIC problems rocking our nation & country-MALAWI. MAY GOD BE MERCIFUL AND RECEIVE OUR LAMENTATION AND PRAYERS!! It’s realy sorrowful to read comments on this issue from well-educated MALAWIANS to stand against the programe! What’s wrong with YOU MALAWIANS?? You seem to deserve RESPECT, but NOT!! Can you stand against GOD? Remember, it is written in the last days “THERE WILL BE PEOPLE,ALWAYS LEARNING BUT NEVER ABLE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH!! Because you are VICTIMS of FALSE teachers!! PLEASE (EAM) DONT BE DISCOURAGED BY these spirits for they were there from the BEGINNING!!!!


  6. Economic problems are authored by politicians we should simple fire the whole lot and start on a clean slate =. Prayer can only gets us this far but reforms are key

  7. Hahaha…
    Atiii pray for economy ya Malawiiii…
    Umbuzi basi.. This is one of the very reason why many pple are finding it difficult to believe that there is God… All we see these days is “lazy christians”…
    Pray for rains,,, pray for peace,,,, pray for economy,,,, pray for Africa…. Are you that stupid??? God did not give you those brains, so that you should insult Him with your stupid prayers… Bingu dies… Eeee God has answered our prayers… Bingu was an old man—That’s it… Rains!!! God.. Please Rains!!! —- Muzapephelere mvula during the dry season… If it falls mpamene tizakhulupirile kuti you serve a true God. Ine the God I know samafuna zauchisiru… A very small nation koma timaProphet mbweeee… Enanu mpaka 10 prophets nokha.. Chikhulupiriro chanucho chikubwezeresa chitukuko mbuyo… Tivote mwanzeru, basi iyayi tikapemphere. Mulungu nde amasankha… Mbuziiii

    1. you are the one who has the problem & you need to be helped that is not wisdom u need a change of heart and ask for forgivness from God.

  8. No need to pray and don’t take God like yo cousin. Just tell the leadership to stop professionalising fraud and corruption. And they must stop shielding corrupt ministers eg Chaponda

  9. My prayer is that God turn away from these wicked people dont hear their prayers they are thieves if Jesus could sacrificed on the cross today he would sacrificed with more bandits in the name of president and his ministers.We could sing a hymn saying Rest in peace Barnabas for you were better that these jacketed bandits!

  10. u mean 21 days shud be wasted? can we use those days to do something productive? …., and u r wondering y we r going thru economic hardships, one of the reasons is that we loose time doing useless things like these. prayer doesnt bring success, it neva has!

    1. take time befor you say any thing you may think u are wiser but that is not wisdom time is too short come out of yur sins if you can call prayer useless after those 21 days of prayer are over you will be in totol hardship & u will not see the success no productive days ask for forgiveness within 24hrs from the Almight God.

  11. The problem is that our leaders can’t repent and be born again they also continue sinning against God every day so your prayers will be in vain unless they stop stealing from the poor, God is so angry about this!

  12. Enough damn praying, you have been praying for literally thousands of years and what has that gotten you? Nothing. Put down the bibles, pray at night or at some other time but now it is the time for labor, manual labor, use your mind, your brain to actually get up and do something instead of praying and crying for a miracle to save you.

    1. Aaww! Somebody finally got it 100% right! Say it so out loud my brother! Malawi is jus such a dead nation and majority of its citizens are brainwashed.

  13. Has the current leadership finally agreed that they are clueless about running a country? The current leadership was not imposed upon Malawians. They were voted into office but apparently they don’t know the first thing about all this drama.

  14. There is nothing like churches, but a church, churches means division, division is not from God a house that is divided cannot stand

    1. Unity among saved believers is great. But Jesus did say He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword (division). Matthew 10:34-39.
      Unity between churches, that is ecumenism – and that is a bad thing.

    1. Malawi has not yet fallen to the extreme depths of wickedness that other countries have. That’s something at least!

  15. Need for miracle money?This economic hardship is planned by the ruling party.The solution to stablalise it is to make the government know about its responsibility.Muluzi said to run the government is not all that a play.

  16. May God in your prayers show you what unity has in store!!! #MayibuyeiAfrica #Azania #OneLOVE #OnePeople #OneDestiny and #ManyReligions

  17. Hi. I would like to point out that 2nd Chronicles 7:14 was a ONCE OFF promise at the time, today it is twisted to become a perpetual thing. Look, praying for healing of the land is a great thing to do, but also consider who is praying and what they are praying for. Is that necessarily God’s will?

    2 Chronicles 7:14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    My people, which are called by my name = saved believers in Christ. That’s people who are saved by faith alone in Jesus to pay for their sins, there is nothing they can do. But most “Christians” believe they must DO something to be saved, e.g. repent of their sins, be baptised, change their lifestyle, pay the Pastor, do good works. Those are good things to do, but if you link that to salvation (as most people do) then you’re not saved, not a child of God.
    (And usually these drives entail ecumenism, or people uniting across the religions/denominations. This is bad in God’s eyes, “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers”. Do you really think God will listen to you when you stand in unity with people who pray to false gods and statues? God hates that!!!)

    Shall humble themselves – I think people in Malawi are humble, but elsewhere when people twist this verse, they are nowhere near humility.

    And pray, and seek my face – do people do this, since many people are glued to their cellphones and TV?

    And turn from their wicked ways – most of us don’t even know the difference between sin and good deeds. For example, drinking ANY alcohol is a sin, but many Christians believe it’s OK to drink alcohol. Or, we should hate those who hate God (2 Chronicles 19:2, Psalm 139:21-22) but your average Christian thinks any form of hate is bad.

    And then, when God heals the land… what do you think this means? My guess, people will ask for jobs, money, better facilities. That’s not healing. To see what God’s idea of healing the land is, see the lives of King Asa and King Josiah. I believe most Christians would be angry and disgusted if those things happened today, and yet that is how correct Biblical healing is done. (I agree with the Bible btw)

    These are end times, the world is going to hell, and this was prophesied. To those who are saved, focus on giving other people the Gospel and save as many as you can, while you can. It’s going to get worse…

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