Bullets polls: Harold Fote eyes return


Former Nyasa Big Bullets General Secretary Harold Fote  is set to contest for the same position just two years after being ousted by the team’ supporters executive committee.

Fote has announced his candidature to contest for the position of General Secretary in the upcoming polls at Big Bullets in February this year.

According to Fote, the decision for him to consider coming back to the team despite being ousted by the supporters committee has been influenced by supporters who have been approaching him to contest for the position.

Harold Fote

Harold Fote to contest in the polls.

“I have been approached by many Bullets supporters to contest for the position of General Secretary for our esteemed club. Many in their opinion thought I was delaying in the announcement of my candidature.”

“There could not be any other better time than this, therefore I am pleased to announce my candidature to contest for the position of General Secretary in the upcoming election in February 2017,” reads part of the statement on Fote’ Facebook post.

Fote, alongside former chairman Kondi Msungama were ousted from their respective positions by the supporters committee for being accused of squandering money meant for the players in 2014.



  1. LANGIZO LANGA NEBA Ganiza bwino za anthu ambiri amene akufuna kudzayimiraso m’mipando yosiyanasiyani.Usayiware kt ndiwo anakuwonongera timu mbuyomu komaso kusakaza chuma chako. Zabwino zose pamene ukupangitsa chisankho koma chonde usayiware kuti “M’MPHECHEMPHECHE MWA NJOVU SAROWAMO KAWIRI” .

  2. Bullets players are the one to blame bcoz amakomedwa ndi fast cash,and some cheats. They forget that they are employees subjected to change club as Jaffali did. Ndiye amene achokawo anachita chani? Simpaka apereketsa chikho Ku asilikali, players you earn more money when winning leagues and cup that’s according to Malawian FCs. Noma 4 real 2017 more fire tilande chikho kuma soldiers

  3. Gulu linagulitsa ma players league iri pakati lisasankhidwe ndiamene apangitsa bullets isakhale ma champions therefore no chance to vote them again.