Akalasimeti is here, feel it!


The much awaited song Akalasimeti by Amuna Misso of the Islamic Swag fame is here for you to enjoy as you celebrate the triumphant entry into 2017.

Locally done, it features Zomba based artist Postnegative who is currently trending with his new style. Their teamwork is worth a clap making the song worth the ear.

Misso out with Akalasimeti.

Love has taken centre stage in the song with sacrifices making its main highlights. As the story unfolds in the company of a traditional beat, the soul gets touched making a dance unavoidable.

Creatively produced by Postnegative under Terminalz Lab records, Amuna Misso did not make a mistake in identifying his partner on this project. The Islamic Swag hitmaker drops killer verses leaving the Zomba flag carrier to deal with the chorus.

It’s not over until it is, a video project is to follow courtesy of Malawi24.

Sooner than later visuals for Akalasimeti will be all over local television stations.

Enjoy the song by downloading it through the following link. http://­m.malawi-music.com/­download/­index.php?song=5603



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