Chalamanda loses seat as Blantyre Mayor to Wild Ndipo


The much awaited Mayoral elections in Blantyre has seen Noel Chalamanda losing his re-election bid, after being defeated by his former deputy Wild Ndipo.

The elections were conducted at the Town Hall Civic Centre in Blantyre.

The newly elected mayor Ndipo thanked people for their support saying he will continue developing the city of Blantyre from where Chalamanda has left.

”I thank you all for the support you rendered to me and I shall continue where the former mayor has left in developing the city of Blantyre,” said Ndipo.

Noel Chalamanda:Loses seat to Ndipo.

He added that he will continue working with the former Mayor Chalamanda and will still need his support. On his part, Chalamanda said he was happy that all went well and he is hopeful that he will work together with the newly elected mayor.

He added that he will continue being a councillor at his ward Blantyre city central till 2019 and he will still work with the council.

Four candidates namely Chalamanda (2 votes), Ndipo (17 votes), Louis Ngalande (3 votes) and George Chipwete (8 votes) contested for the position of Mayor.

In the elections for deputy mayor, Joseph Makwinja emerged victorious after beating Gertrude Chirambo, Peter Kajiya, Stanley Banda and Songwe Kawaye.

Former deputy mayor Kajiya got 6 votes, Stanley Banda got 3 votes, and Kawaye amassed 3 votes while Chirambo and Makwinja were tied at 9 votes but after a runoff Makwinja emerged winner with 17 votes beating Chirambo’s 14.

Chalamanda’s loss has come days after a political expert in the country hailed him as an outstanding mayor as compared to his counterparts in Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

In Mzuzu, William Mkandawire of People’s Party beat Yona Mkandawire of Democratic Progressive Party with 13 votes to retain his position as Mzuzu city mayor.

130 thoughts on “Chalamanda loses seat as Blantyre Mayor to Wild Ndipo

  1. To me voting system is the one which is bias..if and only if the people of blantyre city were involved in voting sure today we would have heard another story..but all is not lost.he can still represents he people as a member of parliament.well done for hard working spirit you have shown the people of blantyre thus the mayory we all want

  2. Thats politics.because if it was for the works they could had voted him again for the better of our beloved city>it is so bad to me as ablantyre city citizen.

  3. Am glad he has lost. He started bring up bylaws which were in infringement of local ordinary citizens. Like the traditional way if holding of zinkhoswe, maliro, and zikwati. He wanted this to stop. you thought you were clever eti?

  4. Chalamanda was the heroes of Blantyre City during his time , his crime everybody knows , he didn’t switched to DPP after elected as Independent Ward Council . Chalamanda please get prepared for 2019 elections as Member of Parliament in Blantyre City Constituency.

  5. Timadaliratu chalamanda anyway ,,,,,,congratulation bwana omwe mwayiphula, plz continue a gud work mr chalamanda was doing, the city was looking good, yesesani chonde.

  6. God has a plan for mr chalamanda, our cry will put you in good position, i know it’s not the end, you showed us how good reader you are, we salute you sir people need man like you.

  7. Paja ife timadya ndale kumalawi kuno….kukana chitukuko…kusankhana zigawo….(south belongs to DPP …central belongs to MCP and North belongs to PP…..long live poverty
    Long live Malawi

  8. So bad for Chalamanda he is the only developmental Mayor Malawi has ever had. I just hope the new mayor will emulate his predecessor.

  9. Ndithu chalamanda mumusowa… anzanu aku Lilongwe ndi Mzunzu amasilira Blantyre . N’pamene mungazindikire kuti chitsime chimaoneka kuti n’chakuya chikaphwa. AND I MEAN THAT!!!!!

  10. Dpp thinks they win elections after getting the seat not knowing people will compare the moron to our chalamanda which another milestone for dpp and more reasons for Blantyre people to lose interest in the party

  11. Vote dpp out come 2019. Thts th only way to c sunshine in Malawi.

  12. development against power hungry ..dont worry chalamanda we are with u madonors aja atenge akatukule ward yako. a youthful energetic mayor has gone due to greed

  13. Mbava za DPP izo …Bravo Chalamanda taona ntchito zako zabwino.Blantyre is a better place to live in coz of u

  14. Chalamanda will be missed. Blantyre was transformed and became the most beautiful city in Malawi within a year in his office. We were looking forward to greater transformations in the city. We hope politics has not played a role. We look forward to what the new chief will bring. We want more not less.

  15. anthu nose akublantyre munapita kukavota ndakwiya nanu ndinu mbuli zetherathu , anthu onyenga inu pamaso achikondi mtima muli zinkhanamba , panu muyankhula zina kumbali mumakapanga zinina ,fotsek zanu

  16. Zopusa basi. Blantyre yataya munthu WA chitukuko. Too much corruption in Malawi. Sizizayendanso basi. Uku ndiye Kubesa kubesa

  17. Imwe uko Asibweni mukuti hvichi uyu wawina pa ticket ya dpp, munatisokosera uko ku mzuzu ka Willia mkandawire kadawina pa ticket ya pp. Blantyre ayimwe pp ya imalire kkkkkkk.

  18. this is cruel!!!!! change the voting system, people should choose the Mayor,because ndi anthu amene amaona zi ntchito zimene wagwira!!! for blantyre people will remember Chalamanda

    1. This is politics, DDP wanted control of BT having missed LL with one vote,,,,u can’t blame them for that as they are a major party. DDP councillors supported Noel in 2014 and he took it for granted, if he had joined the party he would have maintained his converted position

    2. The problem is that the voters are all politicians so it all depends on which side u belong to….in LL it had to take two politicians from ruling side to deliberately make their votes null and void to make a politician from opposition side a mayor…

  19. i think its the people,i mean the majority of the blantyre residence who has seen the goodness and hardworking spirit in this chalamanda guy,but then its other few people who have made the decision to show him an exit door…lesson learnt is maybe we should start rethinking on how else we can choose someone to be a Mayor for the benefit of the majority that is.

  20. I can’t believe these results, DPP was also against Chalamanda thats why they make sure that Louis should wine the seat, they is too much corruption in our voting system, iam afraid that even 2019 Presidential Election the results will favour DPP, not because we will vote or like them, but they have too much power to control everything now!

  21. Don’t mr chalamanda u have left a talk order to the one who suceed u,am proudd of ur works u hhhaave showed us that politics z not the only yard stick to meassure one’s capabilities,if thieves gang up to execute their plans its rarely possible

  22. Malawi hate hardworking people……..loving corruption and cruel people……why #chalalmanda?something somewhere is wrong.We will never ever had a mayor of chalamandas cariba…..Respect chalamanda you beautify and change our city blantyre,we will alwayz remember you.Wish you well and o da best,God bless you!!!

    1. Amene sakumfuna Ndipo akakolope lake Malawi nonse mungoti Chalamanda nanga uyuyu mwaziona ntchito zake? Ndine wakumpoto koma zandikhudza.

  23. Malawi inazolowera athu a corruption mxiem, chalamanda anaisitha town uyu but corruption that’s the way afuna muthu oti azigawana naye ndrama Malawi at 53

    1. Gud u’d only heard not experienced his cruelty-no basis.Gud luck Chalamanda,u represented us well.Bad things happen to good pple at tyms.,keep ur head high n walk tall for the exploits achieved in the city under ur leadership

    2. No cruelty, politics at its best remember he is independent councillor but Bt residents will live to remember him as a development concious mayor

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