Blantyre residents urged to keep city clean

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The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has reiterated the need for residents in the city of Blantyre to always observe cleanliness and stop littering around as one way of observing the Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign.

The Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign was initiated in 2015 in order to make sure that the city is kept clean. In 2015 three people were arrested for littering around in the city of Blantyre which was one way of enforcing the bylaws governing the city.

Speaking to Malawi24, Public Relations Manager for Blantyre City Council Anthony Kasunda said the whole essence of the Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign was to change people’s perception on the way they view the city.

Kasunda said the campaign was initiated by Blantyre Mayor Noel Chalamanda to make sure that everyone takes the city as their own home which they look after every day.

Anthony Kasunda
Kasunda : Let us love our City.

“The Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign was launched with an aim to change people’s mindset on the way they view the city as previously people have been looking at it as the council’s city but the mayor wanted people to take it as their own,” said Kasunda.

He added that if people take the city as their own they will try to keep it clean as they do with their own house which they are supposed to look after and keep clean every day.

Kasunda further said that the issue about arrests of people who litter around would have continued but having a pile of people being arrested for littering around would not be good as it would have led to congested police cells.

He said if people’s mindset will not change then the Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign will continue until people stop littering around the city.

But he was quick to say that people have now changed as only a few individuals are failing to follow rules.

According to Kasunda, BCC is using some strategies to make sure that people are aware of the campaign as it is using the media to relay the message about keeping Blantyre city clean.

He further urged residents to always use safe water in this rainy season so that they avoid diseases such as Cholera in the city.

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  2. Theft of Revenue by City/District Assemblies, no qualified Planners, politics and over population are the only reasons our Cities & Towns will never be clean.

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