CCJP calls for tight control on taxpayers’ money

Martin Chiphwanya
Martin Chiphwanya
Chiphwanya: Mores strict measures needed to end looting.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has called on government to introduce tight measures in order to avoid looting.

CCJP national coordinator Martin Chiphwanya said if taxpayers’ money is being mismanaged or stolen people lose trust in the authorities and they stop paying tax responsibly.

‘‘Looting of public resources makes a lot of people discouraged in paying tax but government needs to tighten controls to make sure that taxpayer’s money is well managed,” said Chiphwanya.

He added that people would run away from paying taxes because they know that the money would not be used for the development of the country as it goes in other people’s pockets.

In 2013, the shooting of then Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo led to the uncovering of a massive plunder of government resources known as cashgate.

Over K24 billion was stolen from government purse in the corruption scandal but as of October 2016, only K470 million had been recovered.



  1. Cry of CCJP comes late when the minister of Agriculture has already done the deed.His friend controlling finances is very old that his thinking capacity takes after him.May be but its doubtful.

  2. Its too late all the tracks are covered. Unless you want and have a piece of pie them u will shut up. Don’t forget we are dealing with professional thieves. They are keeping the money for campaign 2018/2019 elections. OK carry on its either they will manufacture charges on u or u will join them with a piece of pie.

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