Plane crash-lands in Nkhotakota district


A South African pilot and two Australian passengers escaped unhurt after their small plane was forced to crash-land due to power failure in Nkhotakota district.

Landed roughly in an emergency.

The incident occurred Wednesday evening at Nkhotakota boma abandoned airfield, Malawi24 has been told by Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Williams Kaponda.

According to Kaponda, the aeroplane belonging to Ulendo Travelling Group based in South Africa landed abruptly after power failure.

“Peter Bezudenmour who is the plane’s pilot said at the time he was flying from Lilongwe to Mzuzu and the engine suddenly stopped working due to power failure.

“This forced him to abruptly land at a nearby airfield which was Nkhotakota,” Kaponda said.

The pilot and two Australian nationals Jacques Discy and Melga Discy who were in the plane escaped unhurt.

Soon after the incident police rushed to the scene and are currently guarding the place.

*Additional reporting by Mike Lyson Zgambo



  1. Guys tazilankhulani chichewa na nagari mukudziwa kuti mawu omwe mufuna kulankhulawo kapena Ku posita pankhope yam’bukuli muyiphike bwino nkhani yanu sikuti izi mwanena apazi

  2. I saw the incident with my eyes, it was an emgcy landing at nkk old airport and up to date it is still there.

  3. Pane crash -lands? The second part is clear. Plane crash land, not a “dash” and plural “lands.” Because it is as if it’s a verb somehow.

  4. Wake up friends, seriously open wide ur eyes, when ever u see a plane like that flying around in Malawi, call th game reserve department immediately, these guys ar poachers, they’re there for Rhinos, they Kno that its so easy to kill Malawi’s Rhinos bcoz there’s no even a single security in Malawi’s game reserves.

    These guys ar running away from south Africa to that side, they started long tym, the Rhinos ar dying that side, I’ve got some white friends who always talk about Malawi’s Rhinos, they Dont pass through airports bt they use their own farm planes & helicopters, to fly wth them without being searched, remember, 1 Rhino horn z too much teleshede, am serious.

  5. It Sims u dont now hw 2 use eng words very wel mukayambireso sch form 1 bcoz u hav bn usin’ words dat don’t suit 2 de scen eg;
    plane clash
    pipo ‘killed’ on de road accident

  6. Maybe we don’t knw plane crush fuck post ppo are dying with plane crushes and how come this fucken plane land nicely not kill even one?????Stop fooling us!!!!!!!!

  7. Is it the same plane in picture? Kkkkk! If yes then I don’t see crush here. Try to play around with your sentence construction & avoid confusing Malawians!

  8. Where is malawian CCTV , ? Those basteds there are there with mission do you think those people the don’t know where is kamudzi or kasungu airport is. Tisakhale zitsilu amalawi

  9. This plane didn’t crash. it was jst an emergency landing. Don’t confuse pipo. (plane crash lands in nkhotakota) wat doz it min? Doz it mean it Crashed then landed ……………ha ha haa

    1. Dictionary meaning “to land (an aircraft), under circumstances in which a normal landing is impossible, in such a way that damage to the aircraft is unavoidable.”

      Now what’s your argument sir?

    1. it’s not the first time. waiwala za malemu chakufwa chihana. what was that..the crash of tourist at nyika national park..and that one in dowa..???????.

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