Sayenda’s innovator of the year award has MBC on fire

Griffin Saenda

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has faced criticism over its innovator of the year award given to Malawi Queens coach Griffin Saenda.

Griffin Saenda
Griffin Saenda receiving the award from President Mutharika.

The public broadcaster handed out innovators awards for various categories at a function held at Kamuzu palace on Friday.

But writer and social commentator Stanley Kenani has questioned the decision to award Saenda the innovator of innovators award saying the coach is not an innovator as the award name suggests. “Innovator: a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

For example, Mixon Faluweki introduced the Padoko charger, a mobile phone charging device that enables individuals to charge their phones and other electronic devices using a bicycle as they travel between locations.

Note that the mobile phone charger was invented long ago — what Mr Faluweki did was innovation i.e. he introduced a new way of charging phones.

“But MBC is of the opinion that the person who coaches the very same netball team that yields the very same results is the innovator of the year 2016,” said the Netherlands based Malawian writer in a Facebook post.

He however argued that the Malawi Queens coach is also an achiever and deserved an award though the award should have had another name.

“There would have been no harm in calling him the greatest achiever of 2016. But innovator was not the best nomenclature, in my view,” said Kenani.



  1. Personally, I think its OK if we look at meaning of innovation which is..a way of doing things outside the norm,to bring better results. Netball being one of the few activities that’s bringing smiles on our faces I believe Zagallo has done it “outside the box way”, to achieve what we have been fighting for, for break into that netball top 3. While in everything else we are regressing, in netball we are advancing. Let’s learn to be proud of our own achievements and applaud those responsible. What we should be agreeing on is, how do we force this govt to pay our sports ladies their dues on time…period.

  2. How is coaching innovation like for real… even when the president was presenting this; he didn’t think it doesn’t make sense?? A netball coach for Innovation?? Tsk tsk

  3. Kkkkkkk all of you who are saying Sayenda deserves the award here is my assignment go to your dictionaries and find out what innovation means later u will tell me. Osamangosokosela zopanda pake apa

  4. Kkkkkkk no offense…but what that heck u pple mean when u say sayenda deserves the award?
    So tel me how the award to sayenda relate to the award

  5. welcome to Malawi where people criticize everything, a small country full of big headed people, even if you are eating nsima somebody will come and criticize the way you are mixing nsima and nsuzi!!!!

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