19 December 2016 Last updated at: 10:11 AM

Pathetic: Dwangwa United officials use chairs as shelters at Kamuzu Stadium

It was all dramatic off the pitch on Sunday during a TNM Super League encounter involving Bullets FC and Dwangwa United at Kamuzu stadium as officials from the visiting team used chairs as shelters.

Dwangwa United officials had bad weather to deal with besides strategising on how they could collect maximum points, in a David-Goliath encounter.

Kamuzu stadium

Dwangwa officials find shelter on chairs.

The outdated facility was not kind enough to provide them with shelter as they followed proceedings on the pitch.

The only shelter boards available at the Stadium accommodated officials from one team, Bullets, leaving the visitors to help themselves.

Poor condition of the structure has been treating teams unfairly during games, which calls for immediate attention before ruins are soon left of the giant Kamuzu Stadium.

State of the stadium leaves a lot to be desired with people only hoping for the early opening of the newly built Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe.

The problem of shelter boards has been there for a long time such that during an African Cup of Nations qualifier involving Malawi and Swaziland, they had to take those at Chiwembe Stadium. Kamuzu stadium’s VIP section and covered stands, are in dire need of rigorous renovations.

The chairs being used in the aforementioned sections also need replacement. The government’s plan to renovate the structure stalled due to lack of funding.

It was revealed last year when Grace Obama Chiumia used to head the ministry of sports that the government planned to destroy the stadium and plant a new one. The dream for a new sports facility in Blantyre is now far from real as nothing has been said.

Fifa long declared Kamuzu Stadium not fit to host international matches which forced the country’s soccer governing body, Football Association of Malawi (FAM), to reduce the capacity as a safety measure.

So far no tangible renovations have been made to the hub of local football raising fears about the death of the game in Blantyre once the new stadium opens in Lilongwe.

The Bingu Stadium will open its doors early next year in a colourful ceremony. It will succeed the dilapidated Kamuzu Stadium as the home for the Flames.

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