29 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:00 AM

After Frozy ban, Carlsberg Malawi hikes prices of soft drinks

Barely a few weeks after the cheap Mozambican drink, Frozy, was banned in Malawi, Carlsberg Malawi Limited has adjusted prices of its sparkling beverages in returnable glass bottles, cans and squashes effective Monday, 28th November 2016.


Beverages prices up.

According to a statement that has been released by Carlsberg Malawi Limited, Coca-Cola soft drinks which are Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite of 300 ml will be sold at K250 from K220 as recommended retail price.

The hike will see Sobo soft drinks namely Cocopina and Cherryplum of 300ml being sold at K220 from K200 as recommended retail price.

Coca-Cola soft drinks in cans of K300 ml is to be sold at K400 while Sobo squashes of 500ml and Sobo squashes of 2 litres will be sold at K600 and K1700 from K1300 respectively.

This price adjustment is coming close to the festive season, when Malawians consume soft drinks heavily.

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