29 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:10 AM

Mwenefumbo shrugs off DPP link

Parliamentarian for Karonga central Frank Mwenefumbo has distanced himself from recent media reports that he has joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, Mwenefumbo who is an independent MP maintained that he has nothing to do with the Democratic Progressive Party.

Frank Mwenefumbo

Frank Mwenefumbo: Am not moving.

He said nothing concerning DPP has ever come into his mind and he has no zeal to join the ruling party.

“I just want to say no arrangement to that effect is in place neither have any of my constituents asked me to join the DPP,” wrote Mwenefumbo.

He added that his constituents have never advised him to join any political party, thus he cannot decide on such an idea on his own.

The legislators further urged the media to desist from fabricating unfounded stories that may confuse people in the country.

“I further would like to request the media to ascertain with news that are affiliated to particular individuals before publishing them,” he added.

Recently, the local media have been awash with stories of politicians defecting from their parties to the ruling DPP.

Meanwhile, a Mzuzu based political commentator, Emily Mkamanga has hailed Mwenefumbo for denouncing the rumours of his defection to DPP.

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