MCP wants Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to resign

Goodall Gondwe
Charles Chuka
Charles Chuka; Wanted out by MCP.

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) wants Reserve Bank of Malawi governor Charles Chuka and Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to step down from their positions saying they are ‘incompetent’.

According to the party’s spokesperson on financial matters, Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi, Chuka and Gondwe have totally failed to do what people appointed hem for.

The spokesperson is accusing the two of contributing to the current economic hardship the country is going through.

Goodal Gondwe
Goodall Gondwe,; Being called incompetent by the MCP.

He added that some of the decisions made and accepted by the two are not even reasonable hence need to quit their positions.

He further wondered why the Peter Mutharika government could hike fuel prices whilst price on the international market remains fair.

“What does this mean when you have fuel prices on the local market hiked whilst the world market prices are down? So, if Malawians wants a change on all these, they must change government. It is not surprising that today we are where we are and this government can cannot redeem itself, we need change of the government. By all means, I think the RBM governor and the minister of finance would have already resigned for failing to deliver.” Said Dzonzi.

He further said these two officials have lied to the general public.

He Gondwe and Chuka have been giving Malawians deadlines when they thought the economy would be restored but nothing has happened.

All this is coming at a time when the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) has just hiked fuel prices a development that has raised fears of going up of prices of some other commodities.

105 thoughts on “MCP wants Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to resign

  1. This is now becoming ridiculous! Dont they have any other things to say other than ‘resign’? Its now sickening to hear of the same word each time someone from MCP speaks.

  2. i tnk we shud hav a limit ov 70 yrs fo sm1 tu b in big position like governor,presidency,ministrs,,,,,coz most ov these old ppo r oredy tired ov life n they hav to b hom with there granny….we shud try yuth presidency…..old ppo in 3 branches ov governmnt ayiii

  3. Mmene munayambira muja, mukungoti, uyu apange resign, awo apange resign. Chikhalirenicho palibe akupanga resign.
    Osangocheteka bwanji? 2019 sikale, nanunso mudzakhalepo mudzabenso, Ena adzakuuzeni Resign yemweyo.

  4. If Malawi has deteriorated to a point Many citizens are suffering harder every coming day, than ever before, then there is no minister that in his sane mind thinks the country is developing. Malawi looks still many years past, in today cyber age, no changed for the better issue!

  5. Akulu akulu ndimdambo mozimira moto,de youth r focus on worth instead of wat they,re doing,so let de elders do the work..mcp bandle of de loosers.

  6. Malawi needs overhauling kuyambira Ku boma mpaka Ku district level ,,izizi zikhoza kutheka ngati president mu 2019 adzakhale wachinyamata ,,inu a MCP,,,,zimene mukufuna sizingatheke cz the people you have mentioned won’t resign because they were in midnight 6 endorsement meeting..!

  7. Mmmm dont bother for ourselves that things wll change never ,their r some prbĺms that do ñot involve presideñt ĺess just àcçept that we r liviñg difficuty geñeràtion for iñstant money is stoleñ in deffereñt seçter, I thiñk sometimes àpersoñ who seem knows àlot no nothiñg

  8. Kkkkk Who is incompetent here, is it chakwera or Goodal & Chuka? Because sometimes…. U may think ur opponent competent when in actual sense its urself who is. Failing to understand ur friend. Umbulitu ndi nthenda imene iribenso mankhwala….

  9. akalambadi komaso agwira ntchito nthawi yaitali awasiyireko ena achinyamata ayendetseko bomli,kodi mukamangoti akale mpipando kakaka enawa ntchito akagwira kuti?vomerezani mukapume.

  10. ngati ili old age issue ndiye adzigogo onse akukakamila u Mp wo achite resign, ena mpaka dzaka 20 koma chitukuko chosawoneka nkumangowinila chipani basi.

  11. enanu mumalakhula ngati pamene tikavotela zipanizambiri munalipo bwanji? tinkafuna kutipazi khalakutsutsana ndikumapele maganizo athuchochi

  12. Not only resign but to leave any government work and it’s not only him they are a lot who needs to be resigned including the president himself because we have weighed your Kingdom and we found it worthless.

    1. Alot of youngsters brother only that I don’t follow politics and am not in malawi but just to see how malawi is today is so pathetic that tells us that the one who’s in control is not worthy amd all this people who are their in malawi parliament are all old people with old minds we need a total change of cabinet for sure brother Frank ihope we got a good president who’s not yet selected not this what have.

    2. these stupid idiots only knw how to slp n parlmnt! look at the president him self, byn vry expnsv cars while there z no food N the country! I ndeed he z an IDIOT

  13. Not only incompetent but also older to hold such sophisticated position in terms of Rh.Hon.Goodall Gondwe. He is being used and played like a Rugby football. He is currently fixed in a steering box of a car whose fuel gauge strikes letter E.

  14. Do you think this can work?how many pple do you want to resign?If you want to rule this country you have to deal with your own problems in your party then tell pple to resign.come with good solutions so that pple can trust in you,we have no electricity, safe water and we pay more tax ,so instead of forcing government to deal with these problems you are busy to tell pple to resign.Mr president peter mutharika I will not vote for you,why are you still milking already thin cow?Don’t take malawians for granted shame on you.

  15. If we take Science ,it says wen people grow old ,their energy and knowledge also goes down ,tsono ngat anthu akulu akulu ngat amenewa akukamira mipandoyo ma youth anthu akuphuzirawa akagwira kut ntchito .Ndalama zizinawakwane kod ,mosemuja mabanzi sanawakwane? Awasiyire ena adyeko mabanzwo koma! EeeEnafe tikakonzeno ubale wathu ndi mulungu cause the end is Near.

    1. The problem is at a certain point we will alot of people having a 7 years old degrees butl no working experience, when these old people start dieing.

    2. Kutenga nao phali mu politics so zat u can b a min or deputy or mp. R u ready 2 do zat? Coz ambirife timaona ngati ndale ndi za nkhalamba even kuyamba ma business timaopa kuti ai capital tilibe, nanga ndikazadwala, zonena bweeee,

  16. Mcp should find another terminology than always calls for resignations of this and that. Doesnt the whole party know that in africa and malawi in particular resignation of a minister let alone president doesnt happen ragardless of maladmin!? Pple wont take your calls as factual than jerousy though. If this resignation off african leaders work Mugabe, Zuma, Kabila etc would have done so but has ever happened?-NO! African leader are not for the pple than their own bellies regardless, once they assume highest office. Its better mcp should just be strategizing furivoriously how it is going to defeat dpp in 2019 before its too late than always calling for resignations which is a nonstarter!

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  20. A gondwe pano kuyendela ndodo Ali kakaka….adzadya ndiwodutsa chumacho – pumani bwana nthawi yanu yakwana basi zosiyilana izi

    1. M’dala iwe kodi nkhani izingokhala yoyang’ana anthu basi, mulibe ma plan oti ndikuliuza boma zokhuza chitukuko. Anthu mwina ndikuyamikira kuti, awa a opposition apereka maganizo anzeru kuboma zimenezo simukuganiza ku zipani zanuzo? Koma kukacha kutsutsa zopusa basi, anthu akuvoterani bwanji ngati mukungolawirira kuloza chala anzanu chifukwa cha mpando umene ali. M’dala kuyambira lero, nkhala pansi uganize mofatsa ngati ukufuna uzalowe ku paliamenti. Uleke, kuloza chala anzako nkhaliratu pansi.

    2. Ukhoza kunena bwino zimenezi utalemba comment yako pawekha coz awa ndi maganizo a ineyo nde ngati ukufuna kupanga za ine ukhoza kunena….zinazi kumakhala ndi nzeru za umunthu nanga aliyense adziwe kuti ulibe nzeru pa fb

  21. Resign? Who will be their competent people then? Why MCP’s solutions always sum up to resignations? I wonder who speaks this for MCP? if resignation to them is from Chakwera then he is a best candidate for his resignation as leader of opposition and president of MCP! He is a failure. Creating ‘nkholokolo’, poaching PP gurus (Mia and company) for personal gain not for the party, always without immediate solutions etc! thinking if he speaks out the DPP will use his plans (that is if he has one). Chakwera won’t help MCP. And I know the 2019 ballot paper will take another name for MCP.

    1. Every issue whether small or big the MCPs solution is to resign in this everyone who does mistake on everything he or she resign.MCP bring solutions on issues like this…bravo Josephy

    2. Sure, they must resign,in all,they facilitated Huge withdrawals of the infamous 577bn Dpp cashgate.I wonder why they have been left scot-free

    3. so u are afraid of chakwera thas why you are dreaming of replacing him on the ballot paper.Mind you boy, Chakwera has come to Mcp to stay and take over the leadership of this country.Dpp has spent alot on nkhorokolos trying to destroy chakwera but God is fighting for him iye ali chetee

    4. O Phiri, do you know what the nkholokolo are thinking? Do you know what Mia has caused to MCP? You seem to be in the dark of politics. Let’s bet. No Chakwera’s name on 2019 ballot paper and musamunamize chakwera

    5. thats a character of malawians backing a person whn he id doing can u give such a position to an old man lyk him kod anthu ot angagwire job imeneo kulibe …?????

    6. thats a character of malawians backing a person whn he id doing can u give such a position to an old man lyk him kod anthu ot angagwire job imeneo kulibe …?????

    1. Do not forbid all should resign ,they are dolng nothing capany workers are given 17000 per month this gaverment does not want to consider reboures 2019 shepard bashili will take aseat

  22. Andale kholo lanu ndisatana,,,,,ukuku sikufunira zabwino osaukafe koma nsanje chabe olo mawa mkazakhala inuyo ife tizatinso bola Goodle Gondwe!!

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