MERA clarifies fuel price hike


The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has described the recent rise of fuel price as being in the best interest of poor Malawians.

The body which is responsible for determining fuel prices in the county says it has managed to protect Malawians from a huge hike.

Speaking to the local media, Public Relations Officer for the energy regulatory body Selina Khonje said that they have only raised the prices by 4 percent instead of the necessary 8 percent.


“The fuel prices were supposed to go up by 8 percent but have gone by 4 percent only,” she explained.

Khonje further claimed that the fuel prices were supposed to go up three months ago but the body decided to delay the hike. The new prices see petrol selling at K824.70 per litre from K788.30, Diesel going at K815.80 litre from K766.90 and Paraffin selling at K648.70 per litre from K609.80.

According to MERA, the hike follows its board’s resolution to pass on only 50 percent increases in the landed costs on the pump prices.

“Further the remaining 50% of In Bond Landed Cost (IBLC) increase be absorbed through the price stabilisation fund to cushion consumers from the impact of the increases in the landed cost of petroleum prices,” said MERA when announcing the hike.

This fuel increase means that the energy authority has increased the fuel prices twice in 30 days and three times since June this year.

41 thoughts on “MERA clarifies fuel price hike

  1. Mumuuze Mkulu Wa MERA Kuti Nchitsiru Zedi.
    Kukwera Mtengo Kwa Mafuta Kwakweza Mtengo Katundu Wosiyanasiyana Ndiye Mphawi Apindula Chani..?


  2. Mumuuze Mkulu Wa MERA Kuti Nchitsiru Zedi.
    Kukwera Mtengo Kwa Mafuta Kwakweza Mtengo Katundu Wosiyanasiyana Ndiye Mphawi Apindula Chani..?


  3. I fail to see the humour in all the explanation. When is an increase in fuel prices in the best interest of the poor? Where? If an increase was effected 4 months ago, it would have been by 2% but because it was bulked (for whatever reason) now it is 4%! Fuel revenue must be seen to be used to cushion the poor first and other things second

  4. What idiotic reasoning is this? Stop patronising the public. Even a stupid fool understands that any price increase without commensurate earnings adjustment cannot be good news.

  5. last week maize was hiked the big bosses clarified, my landlord followed suit with rentals..and clarifications… now pump prices are up… and more clarifications…today my bus fare has been hiked by K50 the conductor has also clarified…..waiting for more clarifications and yet my financial minister says the economy is picking up…Lord have mercy

  6. if the fuel prices gone up, no one is to blem cos its acountry awide,koma kuvuta kwa magetsi madzi and kukwela kwachakudya its abig problem.

  7. Hm let’s digest this; I live in Blantyre (the very commercial city of Malawi) where food prices are skyrocketing at a daily expence (countrywide), we are barely having electricity these days and it only lasts 10 hours on random days (04 hours from midnight), the scarcity of water is now at it’s peak (we have gone 3 days straight without tap water) and access to basic necessitates is very much limited. DO OUR INTEREST REALLY MATTER??

  8. Being in the best interest of poor malawians?? who said that? basi poti magetsi akuvuta we are using fuel generated machines mwati mutikwezere mafuta tizipitilirabe kukhaula sichoncho? uhm mwana wa Mulungu Azibwera Ndithu zinthu zafika pothina ku malawi!!

    1. Iwe ngakhale mwana wa mulungu abwere, wakonzeka kumulandira kukhala mpulumutsi wako? Talankhulani zina, koma osati mwana wa mulungu angobwera muli kutali ndi chipulumutso inu. Tsopano iwo a Mera akugula mokwera mtengo, ndiye angokhala basi osaonjezera mtengo chifukwa choti muli mavuto ambiri m’dziko? Muiwale zimenezo, akatero miyezi itatu yakutsogoloko mafuta azayamba kusowa iwenso pompa uzatukwananso.

  9. No clarification here. Are you not ashamed that the poorest country is the most expensive when it comes to fuel prices? You indirectly say no to development.

    1. I think u are the one pushing pple to blame Dipipi. Crude oil has gone up everywhere. Dont make story where they is no story. Now u Dipipi cadet can u explain, why yo president overstayed in America? Since u want to change the subject.

    2. Kumazisata k uno Ku SA nipamene akutsista Mtengo Petrol R 12:33 per litre , Diesel 10:43 per litre Parrafin R9: 26 per litre. Nde anthu asanene za DPP Plus bwampinu wanuyo pamenepo.?

    3. A #KellyMkandawire, simudziwa kuti zonsezi ndi dpp? cipani colamula ndi dpp, head wake ndi apm. Apm is the overall in charge of malawi, EVERYTHING here is under him and his party. remember when he decreed the arrest of aniva? crude oil prices at one time fell from just above 100USD to below 50USD, but there were no REDUCTIONS here, why? try to know your world please

    1. What puzzles me is that mafuta akatsika worldwide kuno saatsika?kapena because we order too much at a high price n we r a small market nde timapezeka we hv stock yodula for a long time

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