Mr. Jokes has a problem with gospel musicians


Stand up comedian Mr. Jokes has taken a jab at gospel artists in Malawi claiming there is just none of them doing concepts that fall in the gospel music genre.

Mr. Jokes who hit the limelight after making appearances on state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) TV comedy show Phwete says he has avidly followed what is termed as gospel music but has not been impressed.

Mr. Jokes

Mr. Jokes has a problems with gospel artists.

He threw the jabs when he was on stage at the Miss Blantyre show last Friday.

Mr Jokes. real name Andrew Thonyiwa cited the songs like Ondikonda Ndili Naye by Favoured Martha, Mundisungile Kolona by the late Grace Chinga and Baraba by Evance Meleka.

‘’These songs seem that the artists have personal issues and they want to cheat people with unholy concepts of that sort. They want to force people to believe they are gospels artists. We need change seriously,’’ he said while sending the patrons into laughter.

He then performed a song that gave emphasize to the word ‘Halleluiah’ which he said was a pure reflection of a gospel song.

‘’You see what, a gospel song must preach the word of God and not hold conflict concepts like in the songs I have named here.’’ Said the comedian.

A cross section of patrons Malawi24 spoke to had argued that the comedian had a point and said the gospel music genre is seemingly going haywire and its been covered up by mediocrity.

At the event, Hanna Mhone emerged winner with Myria Khoza coming as first Princess and Chimwemwe Khembo as the third Princess.




  1. Mr Andeleya Donthedwa Coz Kuthoya Ndi Kudontha Jokos Ngat Watopa U Beter Shut Up Rather Than Compenting Wth Childrens Of God Usaiwale Olimbana Ndi Mwana Wa Mulungu Alimbana Ndi Iyeyo Magweruuuuu Mutu Ngat Wasenza Batile La Exide N120 Cholinga Ugulitse Satana Iwe Kagwele Kutali

  2. Andrea Thonyiwa aka Mr.Jokes was a prolific preacher of the Apositoli Sect.All shaven,barefooted, all white gown donning faithfuls.He used to preach at Bangwe ground,Pa Desert, before he wandered off into the entertainment industry.He is joking about the gospel he knows very well.May be he has a point for the gospel singers.

  3. Bible Says Dont Judge Since U Will Judged.God Will Judge Us Regardles That U Are Agospel Musician, Mr Jokes Or Pasters.& Penalties Will Awarded Accordingly.

  4. No yu dnt joke about gospel,am sure that mr jokes his a god fearing man despite him being a comedian,so ths may be tru in fact I have no doubt its tru

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  6. Everyone is againsting admni. kkkkkkk basi vuto ndi admni. komano iwe admn,ndi wa gospel uti amapanga chifuniro via Mulungu? A Gwamba ndi awa akuti iwowo ndi mfumu kumwamba,so who is God there iyeyo akakhalako mfumu? Kunyoza Mulungutu kumeneko,satanic

  7. Komatu wamisala anaona nkhondo. Osangoti poti amapanga majoke ndiye zitayeni mmmmm. I totally agree with this guy. Just listen to the songs mentioned. The pointing to someone who did something and coz the singer didn’t have access to talk straight to him, instead they go writing the song, full of enmity. No that is not the way God wants gospel singers (preachers) should do. Komanso kuonjedzerapo .apa , gospel singers too much prostituting. Zikwangwani be careful God is watching u

  8. Kkkkkkkk azungu ndakuyamikilani kwambiri koma mlomwe…..mlomwe amandisangalatsa kuti akupeze ukumwa fanta amakulusila ali asaaaaa mutomwa fanta mutodwalaaaaa….dzuwa litikitali basi kumamwa fanta fanta umatomwa ukadwala #sudzathekanso

  9. Ake ndi ma jokes not attacking gospel musician. He sometimes jokes about politicians, Pastors only to make people laugh. I think u dont understand joking. Or maybe u r on internship u only wanted to show ur bosses that u r good in covering stories. I may help u, go to a political rally write exactly u see there. Wamvesesa boy? See the meaning of the word ‘joke’ in ur dictionary today.

  10. I think this guy mr jokes akazafka pomapanga ma jokes akeake osati zoti tnaziwelenga kale online then ndipomwe azayambe kumazuzula anzake…..koma in the meantime azingoyang’ana