We are going to hold demos whenever we like’ – Mayaya

Billy Mayaya

The country’s flamboyant human rights commentator, Billy Mayaya has assured all Malawians that he will keep on fighting for their rights despite his recent arrest.

Mayaya got arrested some two weeks ago for holding unlawful demonstrations in the capital city of Lilongwe against persistent blackout which has hit hard the country.

The Malawi Police said they arrested the vocal advocator for continuing with demonstrations when he was refused a go ahead on security grounds.

Billy Mayaya
Billy Mayaya: I will keep fighting.

However, the commentator says he is not even scared with his arrest and has since vowed to continue fighting for a better Malawi.

Mayaya added that the use of police to stop him from leading the demonstrations was a plot by the government to divert people’s attention from the current economic hardships.

He said the government was trying to silence the voice of Malawians who has been affected by the blackouts which in some areas could go up to 48 without seeing electric power.

“Well, the plan to hold another demonstrations are there but for now we have not yet named the date, we will inform you when everything is done. There is no court order against demonstrations. Charges of illegal demonstration is illegal because the country’s constitution is clear that demonstrations are a constitutional right. So there is nothing wrong i did, i think the government wants to divert people’s attention on real issues happening in the country.” Said Mayaya.

Some other human rights activists, Non Governmental Organizations has faulted the government for arresting Mayaya when he was exercising his right.



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  8. Demos have lost glory. Demos are not a hobby. Solo demo can be better for you than a ‘we’ you are using because those fellows in your ‘we’ betray you, they are traitors. Keep your agenda at your own chest. Ndizathu salowa mkhola.

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