26 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:44 AM

Kanda video getting mixed reactions

Malawians are having mixed views on the video for Kanda, a song done by Tay Grin, Sonye, and Nigerian singer, Orezi, about two weeks after its release.

A few months after Sonye baked the audio, the collaborating trio flew to South Africa for video production whose final outcome has become another subject of critical analysis. Some Malawians have had their expectations met while others have trashed the work on the grounds of creativity.


One of the shots in Kanda video.

People have been sharing their opinions on the motion pictures through social media. This follows assessment of the work as influenced by the ability to draw comparison.

Others have spoken highly of the video up to the point of claiming it is currently the best in Malawi. They have found backup on the fact that it premiered on Trace Television, an international platform where it is enjoying airplay.

Opposing critical minds think the visuals are not in tandem with the storyline. They argue that picture quality is just fine only that one can hardly establish its relationship to the message being conveyed.

The video opens up with attractive smokes that resembles clouds, then a woman in white attire screams. Sonye picks it from there with an introduction. As he starts his verse, manganje dance accompanies the lyrics.

Orezi has been highly criticised for crippling the video having covered his face with a mask. When he is captured without a mask, his face can be hardly identified.

All in all Malawians have received the product only that comparison with Tay Grin’s last project, Chipapapa, has created some sort of debate with some Malawians saying the last project is way better than the Kanda.

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