26 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:34 AM

Govt. blocks anti-gay pastor from coming to Malawi

Though Malawi is among the countries that do not allow same sex marriages, government through its spokesperson Malison Ndau has disclosed that they have banned controversial US pastor Steven Anderson from opening his church in the country.

Anderson is reported to have been condemning same sex marriages saying they remain evil before God and that people behind them are to be killed.

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson : Stopped from visiting Malawi.

Malawi being a few countries that have not legalized gay marriages, the founder of Faith Word Baptist Church, Anderson, disclosed plans of having branches in the country.

However, government spokesperson Ndau has said that Anderson cannot be allowed in the country due to his “hate preaching” towards people in same sex marriages.

“He would not be received well here,” said Ndau.

The pastor has been since forced to leave some African countries like Botswana and South Africa for his hate speeches that target gays and lesbians.

He however said that he is to have his church that fully forbids the practice.

“There are many other African countries that are not as tolerant of homosexuality, where I feel I would be welcomed,” said Anderson.

The move to block the anti-gay pastor comes after Malawi witnessed a verbal war between politician Ken Msonda and human right activists following his Facebook post that urged citizens to kill gays.

Msonda’s remarks saw the Malawi Law Society (MLS) describing the post as “hatred” and a threat to rights of minority.

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  • Mr Anderson says this article is a lie: Steven Anderson This article is a lie. We haven’t been banned in Malawi. Brother Garrett Kirchway of Faithful Word Baptist Church has been in Malawi for the past 2 weeks leading a group of soul-winners, training pastors, distributing DVDs & flash drives, etc. Over that time, a total of 162 people have been saved as a result of door-to-door soul-winning.

  • English ndiyovuta guyz…i cn c

  • Adzaweruza yekha

  • Thank You Malawian Government, well done.

  • Zivizungu zavuta ambiri poikira ndemanga nkuona ngat mun2uyu naexo ndi gay,akt ant/angainst gay. Sakvomelezana ndzokwatlana amuna kapena akaz okhaokha nkuluyu

  • We shall bern them guyz bcz iz full ov shit

  • Ai asabwere we hav a lot of pasters hire

  • we hv our pastors we dnt need anyone

  • We don’t want such type of mess here in Malawi

  • Uchitsilu Umenewo Akapangile Kwawo ,Takana Mathanyula!!

  • Uchitsilu Umenewo Akapangile Kwawo ,Takana Mathanyula!!

  • God job we don’t need him to come and preach hate

  • Nyansi zakezo komweko, i don’t think the whitemens are the human beings atooooo! thy r the Dogs indeed,wheather we r the poor it dse’nt matter its better to fear God than a man akagwere uko azangophedwako kuno.

  • Why barring him? He is against same sex marriages… Should we say Malawi is in support of the gayism?

  • Star81 says:

    Although I do not condone homosexuality but this man is bad news. Thankfully he has been banned from Malawi. These are the people who give Christianity a bad name. Let him remain in his small Arizona town.

  • A confused world led by its human precepts other than those of our Lord Jesus Christ. Does our Lord in the Gospel today urge us to kill or stone somebody to death nor does he call on people to service their bodies shamefully to gay ungodly practices ??? Be ware of end time unspiritual movements, let’s ask God to fully open our eyes. For what i see in Jesus is that, the pastors doctrine to some extent is questionable and Malawi is the waste deceiver to her people on certain contemporaly issues such as this gay one. Amen.

  • Dont disallow his ministry coz he wanted to preach to them that gay is a sin

  • Thats The Ends Of Days Musien Mulungu Akhale Mulungu

  • Jona Mtowa says:

    God punish gay people

  • Most of good fu American Hip-Hop singers were spoiled through this type of marriage (gay) one of them is Jaden Smith also he is an actor is a girlfriend to Lil B and Young thug this is amazing practice So he can’t cover the government eyes with the word ant-gay we have to stop him otherwise send him back

  • opening church ndiza gay wats the connection there???? zakuba zimenezo

  • Chisabwere kuno chimenecho. A bomawo achita bwino kuchiletsa

  • mabwana ndi madona, mwakomentadi zooona komatu nkhaniyi akuti ANT GAY PASTOR kutanthauza kt nayeso amalalikira zotsutsana ndi ma gay,Iyeyo sapanga za u GAY km amatsutsana nazo, ndiye tkamakomenta pliz tizidziwa chomwe tkukomenta, PEPANI NGT NDALAKWITSA, ZIKOMO,

  • Keep your rules to your self this world belongs to different types of people who don’t have to follow our way of life. Killing someone because they are different is very wrong. Who made them Gay ? Because i know that God made the world and he never makes a mistake

  • Spiwe Zulu says:

    Iyeyo osapanga kaye kwao komko adzapange ku Malawi vuto lake mchani?

  • Lee Nkata says:


  • Lee Nkata says:


  • Can Some One Made The Story Simple With Facts, Among Those Commenting Which One Are Of The Gays, Coz I Understarnd They Are Also Commenting

  • It’s obvious as Indira Gandhi said and I quote “Noncooperation with good is cooperation with evil”. Kusana ndi kuwala…

  • Mwayiyambaso nkhani ya AGALU BETELE simutha kungokhala?

  • Mbusa Ameneyo Akapanga Za Maukwati Achilendowo, Azango Fikira Kundende Zathu Za Udzudzu Basi Azathela Konko. Ku Malawi Kulibe Zomakwatirana Amuna Kapena Akazi Okhaokha. Ndi Nsambi Pamaso Pa Mulungu

  • Howie says:


  • Anthu simuku vetsa mbusayu amadana ndi nchitidwe wamagay nchifukwa alemba antgay pastor ndiye mukutathauza mukugwrizana ndi nchitidwe wamathanyula? Eee kumavetsa kaye musanachite comment, boma ili linavomera magay mdziko muno.

  • not in my beloved malawi

  • OK am wait hear frm u’s

  • Jim Kay says:

    Going through the comments,it’s funny enough how some guys are ignorantly bashing out an innocent pastor,who detests homesexuality.Of course this pastor,had been lately banned in some countries peculiarly where Homo is legal coz he has a very critical pesperctive about gayism like any true christian who doesn’t condone unbiblical act of same sex marriages.Bottom line,Malawi Gvt is a latently embracing LGBT how could they ban some who wanna come & establish the church and spread the gospel? So our government needs repentance .

  • Obi Komeke says:

    The government must allow pastor Mboro 2 open his church in Malawi. He has many followers in Malawi.

  • TRAPENCE sapanga ma demo pamenepa, paja mathanyura ndiye mgodi wake

  • You are welcome pastor,I myself I will support you we as Christian we don’t need this Satanism

  • Terrible mistake Malawi

  • Aaaa akuluakulu abweresatu forex uyu mwayiwala eti

  • No gays in Malawi. YES. Or NO..Our churches ali duuuh ,panankhala banz bwezi atayeserako kotnknt..How i wish Baba Ken Msonda tn meet this pastor and share more.

  • Ndibwino tizafe aphawi koma noti nyasi zomwe akufuna azunguwa kuti zizichitika plaese tiziwagenda ndithu akapezeka please

  • Kkk kufuna kugendedwa poster eti

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA How can a Satan accept light, this country is demonically led.her leadership is homosexually bride.its ashamed that the pastor comes from America where you say gays are accepted.Shame on you stupid demons.

  • If u do gay in malawi uzaphedwa ngat wina alipo mundiuze my #997

  • When Malawi will Exit the ICC ???

  • Boma lachita bwino. Angayambe kutionongela ana

  • Machende ake ndipo pastor gay ameneu

  • I think english is a problem in malawi.anti_gay what does this mean? pstr come in zambia so zat no gay rights wil b entertained

  • A Malawi, mzapangapo liti zinthu pa nokha zilizonse wanena amereka kumvomereza basi ,munthu akufuna kulalikira mau a mulungu a wurere basi kumulesa ,koma wina kuti abwere ndimfuti akugusa kalekale mwamulowesa , koma okamba za choonadi kumkana iiiiiiiiii dziko lapansi .

  • as far as we cocern these pple so called gayz or lesbians deseve to be killed.how can a n ormal human falling love in the same sex human? Anderson is right but only the problem is malawi iis governing by devils

  • COLONIAL AFRICA! That contracdition can only be explained by the fact that Europe is once again fully in charge in Africa.

  • Malawi is always serious with such useless issues that has nothing to do toward development. There is a lot to be solved, hunger, electricity problems, undiscled economic crisis, the list is endless. Forget about the pastors.

  • Go to the deepest of hell where sulphur await!

  • Abwere ndizamuphe

  • we do not welcom idiots in malawi

  • Achita bwino kumaonela patali tisanangulinse ufulu chifukwa pasongolo dzizavuta.

  • Looking at the post of Steve I have come to realize that Malawian authorities will and have never made decisions based in their own grounds. Steve does not give a damn to american candidates…. Then mamuna wawauza Ali Mwana ndi wamwano uyu asabwere Ku malawi.
    ……”My malawi is not poor and my people are not poor but our leaders are weak”

  • Even Satan wasn’t gay he chose to approach naked Eve

  • Chizungu chavutatu apa ant-gay

  • Zaonetseratu kt boma lathu linavomera gay,ana adyabu inu mulungu akukantheni

  • We don’t want that nonsense in our country ,stop that busted to bring that nonsense

  • A country denying the word of God no wander things are the way they are.

  • We are not allow noses like this

  • Ken M'baya says:

    The government should just come in the open to say they are planning to legalize gay thing in the near future.

  • Find somewhere to preach…. You call it Africa but for us its HOME. it is enough that you fooled us but with this you betta stop on your borders. lm fierce about this and let me warn those on power to stand upright ……

  • …. Want to entertain their evil Western Masters…! PASTORMUSTCOME….!!!!!!

  • Pliz, understand english. The mam is ant gay not pro gay.

  • You want to tell Malawians that we don’t have our own pastors/churches who speaks against gay? Why Malawi u always support any idea from foregners? Ngati akunika kumvera amabungwe athu,ma church leaders athu,iyeyo ndi ndani? Chifukwa ndiwakunja basi? Achita bwino asabwere….abusa konkuno tili nawo amalalikiranso daily. Bible/Quran timawerenga,okanikayo ndi zake,azaweruzidwa yekha…koma aliyense anamva kut ndizoipa,ameneyo akufuna making money out of this,lucky enough boma lamuwerenga

  • If the white man’s have no important issues 2 rise in this country they should just stay at their countries than coming here with their nonses views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Even gays here are also commenting

  • #malani nyirongo if jesus is around the corner why doesn’t he come out and help poor Malawians

  • Sex only for the legal couples. noone has the right to control one’s sex style. lets do the way we find it more amusing

  • What type of people are commenting on this? Anti- gay means KUSUTSANA NDI MCHITIDWE OTI AMUNA KAPENA AKAZI OKHAOKHA AZIKWATIRANA ndiye church cha M’busa ameneyu chimatsutsana ndi mchitidwe umenewu. Understand first before you comment.

  • Weldone to the gov for standing up to this moron.

  • Kodi inu a Ndau masikono akukomerani eti?Mpingo wanu sudziwikanso kumene uli.

  • Am here to read stupid coments

    • This is total ignorant at its peak kkkkk bro tel dem that commenting On an issue b4 understand it is very dangerous, ITS ANT GAY PASTOR

  • Mukakhuta nsima nkumabwera pa public nkunadzatiuza kut Malawi is a God fearing country, what a shame

  • Pastor Steven Anderson dnt tolerate nosense,he is atrue man of God.Nanunso Andau ndinu agay kapena?

  • well done! gay pastor! what does it mean? let him do his rubbish job in his country.

  • yes i agree with steven anderson.kill a gay! Kill a gay! Kill a gay! Kill a gay.yes! Yes! Yes! Kill the fuckin all gays.where ever you see them.

  • what the meaning of ati-gay kkkkkk zikuonesa kut amalawi ambiri school mulibe

  • Let him come so all of u in top position shudd be stoned ee timaziwa makosana ambomamu mumapangaso zimenezi


  • wy block him abwere muopa chani muli mgulu eti

  • That’s the end of days, mwana wa mulungu wasala pang’ono kufika. Inu chomukanizila kweni kweni ndi chani mtumiki wa mulunguyu kuti ayambise mpingo kuno ku malawi?? Koma akanabwela kuti akufuna azijambula ma filimu olawula ndiye bwenzi mutamulandila mwa nkokomo.. zopusa basi..

    • Ukupangila kusadziwa, mbiri ya Steve Anderson sukuidziwa thats why ukulankhula zimenezi. Steve amalimbikitsa za u GAY even dziko la South Africa linamukana last month ndipo linamubana chifukwa chazomwe akuchita. Muzifunsa kaye musanachite comment

    • Tamuuze Billy hope anthu ena amangooangilamo chabe ma comments osasata Kaye mbiri yamunthu, UK, SA.BOTSWANA , NIGERIA kose anamukana nde why inu mukufuna kumuvomeleza?

  • Amafuna kusegula church chama gay wokhawokha? Achita bwino kumuletsa zakedzo kwao komweko

    • Said Jooma says:

      Ngati simumva english kumafunsa mukuonetsa umbuli.pastor Anderson amadana ndizau gay thats why anthu okonda mathanyula amadana naye.Pastor ameneyo amatumikila mulungu moti zaugay kwa iye ndi nyasi kapena kuti nchimo

  • HahA poor malawians u adopted gender equality where ladies are heading their family mkazi akakula ntima ukammenya wapalamula kuboma, we lost our culture, vomelaniso izizi izi

  • Am sure it’s not the government but that invisible western influence…. our so called leaders are just corrupt unpatriotic and stupid

  • I think we are missing the point. Anderson preach that gay pple must be killed. Yes in Malawi we dont want gays and lebisians. But to incite violence that is against our laws. Since we stopped death penalty. That means no one is allowed to be killed. Goverment is concerned about killing each other. He can preach against gay it fine since we dont want them. But to promote killing that make him to be blocked.

    • You are the one who is missing the point,you are fighting spiritual battle in fresh that’s where you are lost.

    • iwe ndiye ndakuva Micheal. ndakhalaa ndikulondola mbiri yankuluyu Anderson adamukana ku UK. australia. Botswana komaso southAfrica ndiye ndimati kungo kulalika ndimaona ngati palibe mvuto kapenakukhazikitsa mpingo ndimaona kuti munthu alindiufulu olowa chipembedzo icho afuna Kaya ndi chipangano koma kuphana ayi ndiyo ikuvuta pakati pamaiko aku East ndi ku west (Shariah law) sibwino kuphana.

    • Gays gotta be slaughtered ffi hell!!!!!

      Booooombo craaaat to de people ahoo support Gayeism!!!!

    • @ Malan. I think u need to understand that we have laws in Malawi. They is no law which says u must kill someone even the goverment. I know this man b4 u knew him *since 2008 in US Miam. Everyone has a right to worship but if yo church says kill thieves,gays,robbers etc. The law wil step in. So thats what is happening. I dont like gays but i am not allowed to kill them. Why they rejected him in New Zeland, US, Botswana, RSA. Then u think all these pple they dont think? CCAP and many churchs in Malawi they dont support gay thing why they didn’t close them down. Because they dont mention killing. So plz google his name then u wil understand better. If u dont know ask pple will help u. We have many churches in Malawi which are anti-gay. Why cant u join one than this one which incite violence in the community?

    • koma anthu amenewawa awa tikuti ma gay wa amayenera kuphedwadwi chigukwa MULUNGU sichitsiru kulenga mwamuna ndi mkazi .ngati ulimwamuna ndiwe mwamuna basi u will never change olo utaziphoda motani koma mukabudula ndiwe wamphongo basi

    • @ Faith my sister i understand your concern and i also just see it weird and disgusting to see these gays. But u cant correct wrong with another wrong. Lets preach the gospel of God and leave God to teach them and judge them. Are u aware that to kill yo enemy is a crime. No matter how that person done to u. Just take them to court.

    • Michael Mkandawire, you are missing a point in Malawi laws. The constitution state that, “any person found guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a competente court in a case punishable by death, the court shall render a death sentence and the application of this sentence does not take away any freedom to life of that person”. This means that this punishment is enshrine in the constitution only that the penal code indicates that the president shall sign the death warrant of the convictee for death sentence to be effected. Examples of the case in this category are, murder and treason. Only that our Presidents from Dr Muluzi to Prof. APM have not signed any death warrant. But as it is now, one day we will wake up have voted for one who will sign many death warrant at once to clear out condemned cells full of these convictees. Yes, we will demostrate but we will shown the provision in our own laws. Actualy we learn our laws through court cases, thats why you hear one saying “sindimadziwa kuti ndikuphwanya lamulo!”

    • I dont get it, how can a pastor wish to kill and say he is sent by God. If u can watch his speech to minister of home and affairs of RSA *MALUSI GIGABA. He was swearing using (f) language. They is no death sentence in Malawi. Give me the chapter and section.

    • Jim Kay says:

      Brother micheal,you are a hypocrite who is merely perpetuating hypocricy here,you claim to know this pastor as if you knows him personally ,whereas you know him through the propagandas, that i assume you might have been following on the internet.Who doesn’t know that the constitution crimilises murderers?or does the constitution decriminalise homesexual?PLEASE MICHEAL,stop being brainwashed by the propagandas that you come across the internet about someone whom you don’t know personally and start misinforming people with them

    • Jim pliz watch yo mouth when u want to debate with pple. U can just call pple hypocrisy. Fact and feeling are 2 different things. I saw this guy in USA. At first it was in Arkansas he had a church service. Since i like to go to church. I was with one of my friend who is a lecturer at Wits in SA. I didnt talk to him personal*pastor* but i head his preaching which to me i didnt agree. So when debating leave yo anger to yoself and learn to talk nicely. Kusayenda ndikufa komwe. With yo attitude i doubt if u have travelled. That just shows what kind of person u are.

    • ine ndikuwona kuti michaelyu ndichitsilu galu iwe ndiwe ukutukwanitsatumbuka mulungu akulange ndithu. Iwe ankandawile kupanda kukwatilana ndi mayi ako udakabadwa? Ndiwe chitsilu bwampini

    • Jack u are a fool,double idiot, read my comment properly and reply if u want to. I said i dont support gay and lebsians the same with killing what yo pastor Anderson is preaching. I dont get what u arguing here. Maybe u dont understand English. Be warned that if u think u are clever i can fuck u up. I can hunt u down and smack u so that u stop insulting pple on social network. Tangoti pwi so that i can teach how to behave.

    • Michael. Mkandawire is right. Problem with alot of people dont know how to conduct a civilised debate. There is no point in insulting a person because he is talking facts, to me thats what brutes and savages do. Fact is, their is no sane government that can allow preachers advocating mob justice to roam freely in a society. Thats dangerous.

  • Bola zikhale zotsindika ndakunyadilani

  • Inu a DPP musakonde ndalama kwambiri muzazisiya kudziko ndalama inu mupita nokha more alowe osaopa America akukupasani chani bolani chaina

  • no more zaugay in malawi we bcmng tired ov it,,,

  • Malison nawe ndiwe gay pamoza uyo walikukulemba ganya kwali

  • osaitana prophet tb joshua bwanji azatipempheretse atafika ku kamuzu stadium enawa sitikuwaziwa bwino ayi

    • Usapite kopemphera chifukwa choti mukumudziwa prophetyo ai, ndibwino azikhala achilendowo kuti mau auzimuwo mudziwamva. Koma ngati, mukupita chifukwa chomudziwa munthu ng’ooo uthenga sukaumva.

    • koma tb joshua wasi:tha nyengo zanga moti kungoonera kokha pa tv ine ndimadalitsika ndikukumbukira ndikudwala ndinachira kungopemphera ndilugwira screen

    • osati ongonenawa aaaah!

    • Satanic wankulunso, ndi amene uja ngati sukudziwa. Usamalenawo, moyo wako wa tsiku ndi tsiku ndizikhulupiriro zakozo. Ndimunthu amene uja ngati iweyo, mphamvu yomuchilitsa munthu mulibemo mwa iye uja ndimwana wamulungu yekha basi. Amene uja, ndi kapolo wa dziko.

    • Jafali, plz don’t judge & Doreen thank God for your healing but accept the fact that God has sent so many people to do his work.

    • no matter what l can never support prophet TB joshua people who dont believe in God hate TB joshua becoz he is a true Prophet of God Tb joshua does not hide his biography he published the book called this is my story and that book tells us how he started his to be a servant of God as am writing this am planning to go to lagos :Nigeria to meet with him he is my mentor he is my prophet he is my dad l can repeat no matter what l Doreen can never like tb joshua he cha:ged me lgot the annointed sticker l can travel difficult countries without any problem he hate smoking he hate abuse he hate hallout he hate stealing lying he l helps the poor the widow the street kids he helps the orphanage thats a true serva:nt of God try to watch Emmanuel TV and your life will change Jafali

    • sorry l can never stop loving tb joshua

    • so uh make me write bad statement shame on uh

    • ndipo ldont feel happy when others talk bad things about my prothet and l can stop talking to the one who dont like prophet tb joshua uh dont even know that its god who sent that prophet tb joshua to this world jafali ?

    • better change the end is near TB joshua is a true prophet of God dont ever say bad words on him again jafali mungozitemberera po apa

    • Amen to that Doreen…


    • Kaya zako izo Doreen,unakati uzindiuza zamwana wa mulungu aaah ndikanakumvetsa koma TB Joshua hmmm ndakaika. Ine ndipang’ono pomwe sindikhumbira, amene uja ndimodzi mwa ma prophet ochita zinthu mudzina la yehova koma ali satana tiyenaye uzimutwatirabe uzawona mathero ake.

    • he is a Prophet of God if uh dont like him just keep quiet but to say the thruth and fact TB JOSHUA THE GÉNÉRAL OVERSEER OFSYNAGOGUE church of all nation is a prophet of God the name all means the whole world coz that church was begin with five people now its full of millions of People in my life l ve never seen a prophet of God helping people what they do is to take money from them but not tb joshua he even telling people that he can not keep money at the bank while other people are struggling with poverty Emmanuel God Is with us

    • people of God help me to shout Emmanuel Emanuel God is with us

  • Anantumatu ameneyi…

  • kaya malawi akupita kuti?

  • We don’t need gays ndipo akapezeka ma gaykumanhopha

  • Though Malawi is among the countries that do not allow same sex marriages, government through its spokesperson Malison Ndau has disclosed that they have banned controversial US pastor Steven Anderson from opening his church in the country.Anderson is reported to have been condemning same sex marriages saying they remain evil before God and that people behind them are to be killed.

    Malawi being a few countries that have not legalized gay marriages, the founder of Faith Word Baptist Church, Anderson, disclosed plans of having branches in the country.

    However, government spokesperson Ndau has said that Anderson cannot be allowed in the country due to his “hate preaching” towards people in same sex marriages.“He would not be received well here,” said Ndau.The pastor has been since forced to leave some African countries like Botswana and South Africa for his hate speeches that target gays and lesbians.He however said that he is to have his church that fully forbids the practice.“There are many other African countries that are not as tolerant of homosexuality, where I feel I would be welcomed,” said Anderson.The move to block the anti-gay pastor comes after Malawi witnessed a verbal war between politician Ken Msonda and human right activists following his Facebook post that urged citizens to kill gays.Msonda’s remarks saw the Malawi Law Society (MLS) describing the post as “hatred” and a threat to rights of minority.

    • No matter how hard they try to blind people the truth has always found away of coming out….they say “they will not be received well”what do they mean?did they ask malawians and hear what they want?this is not amessage of hate but its amessage of love and truth.please malawi government stop deceiving people by showing them apath to destruction.receive God all of you people from the first citizen to the last citizen of malawi pray in truth and in spirit…stop twisting words good and legal marriege is between man and woman not man and man or woman and woman NO..who told you that man should marry man?did God speak these words?mukumanvela kuchoka kwa ndani kodi?musanamize anthu ndiponso kunamiza aeniakenu ngati simulapa for all the evils you are doing ndithudi you will burn and perish in Hell..God is jot happy with you,He is not happy turn to God,repent and it shall be well with us.speak the truth and you shall be set free

    • iweyo wagwa nayo boma lisamangovomeleza chilichonse achita bwino amukana

  • Kkkkkk koma ma comment ndikuwona apa ena ndi nkhaniyi sizikugwiliza mwina ena akugwilizana nazo za u gay zo tu

  • Ok paster ubwere uzafikile kunyumba kwanga osati ku state house,mmudzi mwathu ndiwe olandilidwa,ngakhale yesu anabwelera amphawi osati anthu olemera bwera mwana waMulungu sichapafupi ngamira kukalowa pauna wa singano asiyeni olemera atumikire satana poti nansongole ndi tiligu zikhoza kukulira limodzi ndipo mlimi ndiye azasiyanitse.

  • Good move apa pokha tagwilizana.

  • nkutheka chizungu chavuta ANT-GAY meanng agaist therefore here we r nt practicing this so why bloking him let him cum and see what he brings for us

  • What is the meaning of anti-gay ? Plz understand the Pastor’s mission. This government is going to collapse shortly.

  • Amalawi tiyeni tizuzure satana molimba mdzina la yesu khristu

  • Big up APM. ….we love you…

  • Why African Countries,even in Botswana they deported Him after saying that Gay/Lesbian should be stoned to death. It means the Government Support Gay/Lesbianism and they dont want to be a victim to the whites when it comes to foreign aid,tokhaso tikudziwa kale.

  • Kkkk koma malawi anti gay ndye kut odana zau gay sono kumamulesa munthu wotereyu haha kumalawi kwa beba

  • Malawi is a also apromoter of gay satanism,you know that your fellow gays wont donate anything for you,thus why you banned him,Jesus Christ died for the sinner yet Him was sinned. The opposite is true,shame to you poor Malawi go to hell,You claim that you are aGod fearing country yet not,you are a hypocrite God already left you. You shall cry forever,cant you see yourself with your poor electricit,poor eccconomy,poor roads pooreducation,poor rainfall,hunger,reapent and cry for God to show you mercy.

  • poti tili pamavuto anjala nde ena apezelepo danga

  • So wat does that mean to our country leadership on gay mariages?

  • This man can not prove god exists and just lies constantly. He is making loads of money from gullible people.

  • Ati kuwopa Britain ndi American angakwiye kuti mwamulandila bwanji sitikupatsani chithandizo. Koma umphawi

  • Pastor yu ndi ant gay inu muka mu blocker ndie kuti munavomera za u gay eti useless government.

  • Will this stop blackouts?

  • Just come pastor u are welcome,coz there’s no defference btwn your stupid church and for those who steal public funds,who talk lies and who kills Albinos,all are sins

  • There is more to this, let’s wait and see.

  • ife za under de world sitikuzifuna…atisiye tikhale mene tililimu…zikutikwanira zomwe ambuye akutipatsa.

  • kkkkk apa pakufunika dictionary yomasulila mchichewa shaaaaaa

  • To open the church for what?For that nosc thngs.

  • Iyeyo amadana ndi ma Gay not iye amakonda ma gay ..nde inu muletse a boma kamba kofuna chithandizo eti

  • zautsilu basi analemba pati mu buku lopatulika kuti amuna kaya akazi okhaokha adzikwatilana?nyasi basi

  • instead of blocking blackouts they are blocking this?

  • We don’t need ant gay pastor in Malawi..bcoz we don’t have gays in Malawi….
    Sumagula mankhwala achitopa cha nkhuku ulibe nkhukuzo…

  • Well done!!!!!

  • we are heading towards sodom and gomorra

  • Here in malawi we dont have gays so amafuna azimulalikira ndan? Apite komwe kuli ma gayko osati kumalawi kuno

  • In Malawi we don’t do that thing so.it’s our laws that we following the bible so Ndau are you mad who told you that underson He is not received in Malawi? U Ndau u deserve to be killed. Coz the world today need the strong preacher we need him here in Malawi u Ndau and your friends you got little brain or yellow brain. You guys you don’t know what you’re doing. Am afraid God will even punish Malawi. Now I know what people want . People doesn’t want the truth they need People like Prophets Bushiri. Please call pastor Underson to come he is a man of God is not from the dark. I know you stop him coz you from the dark. Malawi is not Botswana we don’t have that rule for banne the truth where did you get that power? Which section of law get this tell Coz I have got the book of Malawian law. Stop hiding the truth

  • Yes!!!God bless Malawi it’s true

  • the pastor is anti-gay & malawi do not allow same sex marriages so why blocking him,i dont understand.

    • Kuno kulibe ma gay thas y amulesa kt azapange zakezo kuno to avoid wasting of his tym remember jesus is for siner ones

    • komabe akanabwera kuzatambasura bwino kuipa kwa gay “unless otherwise”

    • shaaa English ndiyomwe yavuta apa nkhaniyi ndiyomveka bwino mwina just open the link kuti muimvese bwino lomwe

    • I also feel kuti chavuta pamenepa ndi chizungu but the issue is straight forward. If Malawi is anti-gay so how can they block sb who wants to come and preach against gay

    • Why do u want sb from abroad to teach u….chachilendo ndi chani! akhale konko

    • I think the main point is “kill the gay”. I dont support gay thing but the Anderson he says that all gays must be killed. That give the goverment an option to stop because it is inciting violence. If he was just preaching the word of God and stopping the gay thing it was ok. But he command them to be killed which is against our law.

  • Zotsazilana ndiye kuti ku Malawi akumalora dza ma gay?let him came and open a church, if Malawian like to pray why not,no gay in Malawi

  • Testing the waters

  • will nver tolerate homesxuals nor gay communities within our boaders

  • simunalakwitse apa ndiye mwakhwana nthawi zina kumaopa mulungu osamangokopeka ndizilizonse ayi mulungu adzatikwiila chifukwa tamuputa dala choonadi tikuchidziwa.

  • Kodi tidzingoti America America mpaka liti? Ku Canada kulibe opemphera? Ku Brazil kulibe? Musandichimwitse

  • Yab Yas says:

    kodi azimayi osewa mkumafunanso mzako ofana naye ziwalo?? zakwazungu asiyileni azungu.

  • Sk Bandah says:

    Yeah w as Malawians w hate dat habt dat is bulshit

  • will nver tolerate homsexuals nor ga

  • then whats the conclusion here? the pastor is “anti gay” and our govt claims not to support homosexuallity yet they are banning “anti gay pastor” kuhonga chithandizo or what?
    Lord have mercy

  • What about rights?

  • GAY is a whiteman’s culture- NO WAYS IN MALAWI -it’s better to be poor than inheriting a foreign satanic culture. NO NO NO NOT IN MALAWI.

  • Hehey! :v :v :v nazo! Pa mpanje ndi more….

  • afta arrested in Botswana en Blocked to enter in South Africa now he wanna Come to Nyasalanda, Why Africa try to go to Europe PLS we don’t support those things Please Man of God

  • Kkkllkk koma yaaaaa masiku otsilizadi anowa eti?

  • Jesus is around the corner,that’s y our gvt is trying to stop man of God from preaching the truth so that it can get aid from the davil(U.S.A)

  • well, where people know the truth, there’s no need to bring in other ways again