Govt. blocks anti-gay pastor from coming to Malawi


Though Malawi is among the countries that do not allow same sex marriages, government through its spokesperson Malison Ndau has disclosed that they have banned controversial US pastor Steven Anderson from opening his church in the country.

Anderson is reported to have been condemning same sex marriages saying they remain evil before God and that people behind them are to be killed.

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson : Stopped from visiting Malawi.

Malawi being a few countries that have not legalized gay marriages, the founder of Faith Word Baptist Church, Anderson, disclosed plans of having branches in the country.

However, government spokesperson Ndau has said that Anderson cannot be allowed in the country due to his “hate preaching” towards people in same sex marriages.

“He would not be received well here,” said Ndau.

The pastor has been since forced to leave some African countries like Botswana and South Africa for his hate speeches that target gays and lesbians.

He however said that he is to have his church that fully forbids the practice.

“There are many other African countries that are not as tolerant of homosexuality, where I feel I would be welcomed,” said Anderson.

The move to block the anti-gay pastor comes after Malawi witnessed a verbal war between politician Ken Msonda and human right activists following his Facebook post that urged citizens to kill gays.

Msonda’s remarks saw the Malawi Law Society (MLS) describing the post as “hatred” and a threat to rights of minority.



  1. Mr Anderson says this article is a lie: Steven Anderson This article is a lie. We haven’t been banned in Malawi. Brother Garrett Kirchway of Faithful Word Baptist Church has been in Malawi for the past 2 weeks leading a group of soul-winners, training pastors, distributing DVDs & flash drives, etc. Over that time, a total of 162 people have been saved as a result of door-to-door soul-winning.

  2. Nyansi zakezo komweko, i don’t think the whitemens are the human beings atooooo! thy r the Dogs indeed,wheather we r the poor it dse’nt matter its better to fear God than a man akagwere uko azangophedwako kuno.

  3. Although I do not condone homosexuality but this man is bad news. Thankfully he has been banned from Malawi. These are the people who give Christianity a bad name. Let him remain in his small Arizona town.

  4. A confused world led by its human precepts other than those of our Lord Jesus Christ. Does our Lord in the Gospel today urge us to kill or stone somebody to death nor does he call on people to service their bodies shamefully to gay ungodly practices ??? Be ware of end time unspiritual movements, let’s ask God to fully open our eyes. For what i see in Jesus is that, the pastors doctrine to some extent is questionable and Malawi is the waste deceiver to her people on certain contemporaly issues such as this gay one. Amen.

  5. Most of good fu American Hip-Hop singers were spoiled through this type of marriage (gay) one of them is Jaden Smith also he is an actor is a girlfriend to Lil B and Young thug this is amazing practice So he can’t cover the government eyes with the word ant-gay we have to stop him otherwise send him back

  6. mabwana ndi madona, mwakomentadi zooona komatu nkhaniyi akuti ANT GAY PASTOR kutanthauza kt nayeso amalalikira zotsutsana ndi ma gay,Iyeyo sapanga za u GAY km amatsutsana nazo, ndiye tkamakomenta pliz tizidziwa chomwe tkukomenta, PEPANI NGT NDALAKWITSA, ZIKOMO,

  7. Keep your rules to your self this world belongs to different types of people who don’t have to follow our way of life. Killing someone because they are different is very wrong. Who made them Gay ? Because i know that God made the world and he never makes a mistake