20 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:33 AM

Presidential advisors asked to step down

Professor John Chisi of Umodzi Party has called for the resignation of President Peter Mutharika’s advisors saying they are misleading the president to make wrong decisions.

John Chisi

Chisi; Says Mutharika’s advisors failing their duty.

In an interview, Chisi said he has made the call following government’s silence on speculations that the Malawi leader is unwell.

“Despite being the president of DPP he is also the president of Malawi, so we want those responsible for dissemination of information from the State House to communicate to Malawians or else government should come out with a press statement to answer the questions and cool down the hearts of Malawians who until today don’t know the condition of the president,” said Chisi.

He added that the president is an elder to know his current condition so he should come out and tell Malawians how he is feeling.

“If the president will not come out to tell his condition, I will personally go to State House and see him because as a politician and Malawian I am entitled to know his state,” he added.

Commenting on Lazarus Chakwera and Uladi Mussa’s remarks that the president should resign, Chisi said Malawians should let Mutharika rest and should pray for him first rather than calling for his resignation.

He also asked Malawians to hold the questions they have for Mutharika until the president gets better.

Meanwhile Professor Chisi has asked political leaders, Christians, traditional chiefs and all Malawians to take heart and pray for the president.

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