Multichoice Malawi reduces subscription fees


Subscription fee for DSTV have been slashed effective this November, Multichoice Malawi says.

The reduction starts from 1st November 2016.

According to information Malawi24 has the reduction will be as follows.

DStv Premium, has been slashed to K55,600 from K61,100.

Multichoice Malawi reduces subscription fees.

Compact Plus is at K35,700 from K42,000, while Compact is now at K22,300 from K23,800 and Family is down to K12,700 from K16,700.

The novelty also sees the inclusion of DStv Premium with eight high definition channels including latest and exclusive first run movies, drama, comedy and sport.

Compact Plus has been added with Vuzu APM, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Crime & Investigation, History and Africa Magic Showcase. It has been injected with extra sports content including the Uefa Champions League.

MultiChoice Africa has since named Annie Kansiime, the Ugandan entertainer, comedian and actress as its brand ambassador.

Earlier this year, Multichoice Malawi announced of a  a hunt to comb for all Malawians who are using South African registered decoders and accounts.

In a press statement released to the media, Multichoice has indicated that it is aware of the rising number of Malawians who are subscribing to Multichoice in South Africa and are paying for those accounts.

According to Multichoice, this trend is illegal as it violates copyright laws and also it puts at risk customers who get poor quality of services.

However, Multichoice indicated that it is not just sitting down with its arms folded but it will be starting a manhunt of the businesses that are selling the South African services to Malawians.

Multichoice also indicated that it will hit at all the customers of that service and drag them to Court.

In recent years a number of Malawians have decided to subscribe to the South African accounts of Multichoice citing that their pay is low when compared with their Malawian counterparts.

69 thoughts on “Multichoice Malawi reduces subscription fees

  1. Zinkakoma kare kuonera izi cha m’ma 97′ 98′ 99′ koma Pano mmmmm mbola…tizingowonera zomwezi…zaulerezi zinazo tizibrowser pa net

  2. Good development however it needs to be reduced further to meet with cost of living. Maybe, pay as you view can be good idea as far as blackouts are concern

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  5. i think it is good and fair to change a person according to how he or she has used your service.paying you per month is meaningles here in malawi due to averyday electricity problems.

  6. it was too much malawi wake uti owononga ndalama ndi za ziiiii mwina apapa ndikalipira otherwise free to air imakomaso pa dstv pompo kuwonera christ tv and philip banda itvn or press tv kkkkkkklkl isa

  7. Atsitsa pamenepo? Manyaz alibe amenewa @? Muwauzeso aEscom kt akweze magets awo,aaaaa,,,,,,

  8. Why the price is so high at Malawi? Am at south africa and am the installer but the price that we pay here and there mmm mmm mmm its too much

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  10. Hahaha think b4 u comment plz ,mult choice has reduced the price in some of African countries exclude south africa why can u be happy people???? Kkkk remember they don’t provide electricity so kukamba za kuthima kwamagetsi really ndikusaganiza rather talk to escom or to your government

  11. Reduce not what you have done ndatopa nanu you think munthu alipile kenako the whole months blackout. If not introduce pay per view anzathu zikutheka mmaiko ena

  12. I think multichoice has rushed to reduce subscription fees it would be better doing that when this so called ESCOM has begin to supply enough electricity the whole Malawi 24hrs failing which nosense!!!!!

  13. They have earn so much so there for the charges must according to others in malawi azam cheeper..zuku ..also must be harder..
    Talk to the ministry why?

  14. Ma prices anu ali very higher thts why anthu akugula zinazi ,, and mukanaganiza bwino katundu akachuluka mitengo imakhala yosika koma inu nganganga nde Malawi wake ameneyuuuuu ?????tikalipilanso sima channel onse munthu ungaonere koma chintengo phiiiiiiii

  15. Change your system of charging customers : do not charge the subscription by # of days , instead charge subsription according to hours a custober has watched the DSTV. This is suitable for a country like MW where electrcty is a nature problem.

  16. Chifukwa Chamavuto Amagetsi Bwezi Mutangoyika Ya Ulele Kuti Anthu Asangalaleko Kuzamba Kulipilisaso Chaka Cha Mawa Olo Tizowonela Pangongole Kkkk Ukawonelawonela Ngongole Ikachuluka Kuyigulisa Kkkk

  17. Business strategy 101, classic move, low fees = more customers, but it don’t mean more paying customers, the trick is the service your providing, think hard mulitichoice!!!

  18. hahahahaha nawonso akhudzidwa ndi mavuto a DPP’wa eti? zitsilu za anthu inu mutseka ka company kanuko

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