20 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:22 AM

Multichoice Malawi reduces subscription fees

Subscription fee for DSTV have been slashed effective this November, Multichoice Malawi says.

The reduction starts from 1st November 2016.

According to information Malawi24 has the reduction will be as follows.

DStv Premium, has been slashed to K55,600 from K61,100.


Multichoice Malawi reduces subscription fees.

Compact Plus is at K35,700 from K42,000, while Compact is now at K22,300 from K23,800 and Family is down to K12,700 from K16,700.

The novelty also sees the inclusion of DStv Premium with eight high definition channels including latest and exclusive first run movies, drama, comedy and sport.

Compact Plus has been added with Vuzu APM, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Crime & Investigation, History and Africa Magic Showcase. It has been injected with extra sports content including the Uefa Champions League.

MultiChoice Africa has since named Annie Kansiime, the Ugandan entertainer, comedian and actress as its brand ambassador.

Earlier this year, Multichoice Malawi announced of a  a hunt to comb for all Malawians who are using South African registered decoders and accounts.

In a press statement released to the media, Multichoice has indicated that it is aware of the rising number of Malawians who are subscribing to Multichoice in South Africa and are paying for those accounts.

According to Multichoice, this trend is illegal as it violates copyright laws and also it puts at risk customers who get poor quality of services.

However, Multichoice indicated that it is not just sitting down with its arms folded but it will be starting a manhunt of the businesses that are selling the South African services to Malawians.

Multichoice also indicated that it will hit at all the customers of that service and drag them to Court.

In recent years a number of Malawians have decided to subscribe to the South African accounts of Multichoice citing that their pay is low when compared with their Malawian counterparts.

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