Malawi food crisis : Govt launches hunger response program in Phalombe

Malawi hunger

Malawi government together with World Food Program (WFP) and Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has launched a hunger response program aimed at providing food to starving Malawians in Phalombe.

During the program which will end next year in March, 44,418 households are expected to be receiving 50 kilogram of maize, five kilograms of beans and 1 litre of cooking oil. Families with expectant or breastfeeding mothers will also be receiving three kilograms of soya flower.

Malawi hunger
Food crisis in Malawi still a matter of concern. (WFP image)

In addition, the families, during the span of the program, will be benefiting from cash transfer, public works, and WFP food insecurity programs.

Speaking in an interview, acting country director for ADRA Michael Usi commended government and WFP for trusting ADRA by giving the organisation a huge role to distribute food to vulnerable people in Phalombe as part of the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) program.

On his part, Member of Parliament for Phalombe East Amos Mailosi advised the beneficiaries to find additional ways of getting food and not to sell the food they will be receiving.

He added that he will work with government, ADRA, and WFP in preventing corruption so that the food reaches deserving beneficiaries.

Speaking during the event, Traditional Authority Nkhulambe asked people of goodwill to assist other hunger victims in the district.

Over 6.5 million people need food aid in Malawi this year as the country experienced unfavorable weather conditions in the 2015/16 growing season that led to crop failure.



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