Malawi urged to focus on disaster prevention

Floods Malawi
Floods Malawi
Floods a key disaster in Malawi.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has urged Malawi government to focus on strategies that prevents disasters rather than concentrating on disaster response only, arguing that prevention helps in minimizing the damage.

The call follows reports that La-Nina weather will affect the country in the next agriculture season.

Reacting on the reports, FAO representative in Malawi Florence Rolle said the country should balance resources in both response and prevention of the disasters.

 Florence Rolle
Florence Rolle has made the call.

“In any risk management strategy it is very important to balance the financing in response and also the shocks before they happen, all the money should not go to emergency we need measures that help to prevent disaster,” said Rolle.

The department of disaster management affairs has since disclosed that it has put in place measures in disaster prone areas in readiness to any disaster in the country.

Recently, the United Nations (UN) disclosed that Malawi is again at risk from another weather phenomenon, LA Nina, in the 2016/17 rainy season which threatens to destroy the country’s investments such as infrastructure and crops.

The phenomenon follow ravages of El Nino in the 2015/16 rainy season that led to persistent dry spells in most parts of the country resulting in food insecurity for nearly half of the country’s population.



  1. I think the Minister is responsible why spending more time focusing on politics and cashgating instead of putting effort on developing this country look at Botswana Kenya and Namibia we were the same interms of economy in years of 2001 down 90,s but now we cant with stand with them eish! look at Tanzania is beyond in everything including now grabing our lake , they know that,we are poorer than before and we can not even buy any simple ballistic missle and thats y they are looking us down

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