Be warned! Malawians who buy from vendors face arrest

Street vending Blantyre
Buyers from street vendors risk arrest.

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has disclosed that it is to introduce bylaws that will see Malawians being dragged to court for buying goods from vendors.

Confirming the development, BCC Public Relations manager Anthony Kasunda said there are plans to introduce bylaws that will punish any person found buying from illegal vendors in the city.

“At the moment the law only targets vendors but there are some suggestions that a buyer buying a commodity from illegal vendors should face the law,” said Kasunda.

Anthony Kasunda
Kasunda says the bylaws are meant to end street vending.

He added that the development will help in fighting illegal vending in the city arguing that trade involves both a buyer and a seller hence the introduction of the new bylaws.

For a long time, BCC officials have been seen in confiscating goods from vendors on the city’s streets in order to fight illegal vending.

However, some business stakeholders have fault the operations arguing that they fuel poverty among Malawians doing small businesses for survival as BCC demands huge sums of money for them to get back their goods.

Some of the vendors are also arrested and are told to pay money in order to be released.



  1. Mmmm ayambe kaye awapezera chochita mavendawo otherwise thats nosense. Vendors dont do that buzines for fun wake malawi you are dragging down your own fresh to poverty

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