16 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:43 PM

Mafco in trouble: players, team manager banned

Following events that occurred at Chitowe Stadium on Friday on the eve of a Carlsberg Cup quarter-final match between Mafco FC and Big Bullets, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) organising committee has released its verdict concerning the matter.

According to a statement made available to Malawi24, the committee considered reports submitted by Match Coordinator, Mafco FC and Nyasa Big Bullets which clearly indicated that the whole fracas was started by Mafco FC players following their decision to invade the pitch when Bullets players were training.

Bullets vs Mafco

Bullets and Mafco players were involved in a brawl

The statement has revealed that Mafco players were influenced by their team manager Dan Gulaimfa who ordered them to invade the pitch, forcing Bullets players to leave without completing their training session.

However, when Bullets player Chimwemwe Kumkwawa tried to collect a ball from Mafco captain Paul Ndhlovu, he was slapped.

This forced the other Bullets players notably Fischer Kondowe and Aimable Niyikiza to proceed and try to rescue their colleague. However, Mafco players, notably Ndhlovu, Stain Malata and Richard Mbulu rained blows on the three players.

It was further concluded that Mbulu rushed to Mafco FC vehicle and brought out an iron bar that he used to hit one of the Bullets players.

Verdict and Sanctions

Mafco team manager David Gulaimfa was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute by inciting the disorderly conduct of players contrary to article 24.2r of the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations and has been slapped with a 3 year ban from all football related activities organised by FAM and its affiliates.

Four Mafco players were found guilty of taking leading role in assaulting of Nyasa Big Bullets players contrary to article 24.12 of the Cup’ rules and regulations.

Mbulu has been banned from all football activities organised by FAM and its affiliates for the rest of the season whilst Ndhlovu and Malata have been given a six match ban each, with Jailosi Kapalamula being warned to stay away from indulging in similar offence in future.

In total, the military outfit has been fined K1.2 million and has also been banned from hosting any cup games organised by the association.

The FA has also slapped Kumkwawa with a three match ban for contributing to the disorder by physically retaliating against Mafco’ Ndhlovu, with his club being fined K150,000 for failing to take necessary precautions to prevent their players from displaying unsorting behaviour contrary to article 24.21 of the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations.

The FA has then resolved to have the match played on Saturday afternoon at Civo Stadium but has also reminded any aggrieved party to be free to appeal to the disciplinary committee within the next 24 hours accompanied by the prescribed appeal fee in the sum of K450,000 in line with articles 15.1 of the Competition’s Rules and Regulations. The verdict was signed by FAM General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda.

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