Two commit suicide for having ‘problems’


Two 25 year-old men have killed themselves by hanging in separate incidents over the weekend for having problems, sources claim.

Police have identified the two as Brian Nahawa who hanged himself to death in Thyolo distrcit and Fanuel Masiye who killed himself in Dedza district.

Deputy public relations officer for Limbe police Pedzesai Zembeneko said on 5 August Nahawa went to a drinking place at Bvumbwe Trading Centre together with his friends. The group drank beer at the place the whole night.

“Nahawa left his friends at the drinking place around 4am for Muloza boarder,” he explained

Zembeneko however said Nahawa was later found hanging in a forest at Nkwenengwe village in Bvumbwe. Post-mortem results showed that he died due to suffocation.

Death hangingHe was from Sumbuleta village in the area of Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre.

In the other incident, Masiye who hails from Chinyamula village in the area of Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza hanged himself to death in his own house.

Post-mortem results conducted by Dedza district hospital personnel showed that death was due to strangulation.

Meanwhile, Dedza police deputy publicist Cassim Manda has called on the general public to report any concern to the police rather than choosing suicide.

“We have victim support units in all our police stations in Malawi that gives counselling, if you have psychological problems, do not commit suicide, just come to police and your problems will be solved,” said constable Manda.

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  1. Ameneyu Ndi Mbuz Bwanji? Akuona Ngat Enafe Tilibe Mavuto? Akadapita Kuchipatala Akaone Momwe Anthu Akuvutikila Mbuz Imeneyo

  2. Everyone loves to live longer. When someone commits suicide, don’t take such a thing lightly. Somehow we as a society has a part that contributes to suicidal acts. We sometimes turn a blind eye to someone in a severe emotional, psychological agony. When an individual feels like he / she is being rejected by the family, freinds or community, one loses all hope. Sometimes our fellow humans shy or fail to confide in us about their problems because when they do so we turn them into the laughing matter. When we hear that one has committed suicide, the first thing that comes into our mind should NOT be judgement. We are millions of billions of people on this earth yet human beings feel so much lonely that they resort to suicide. WHY? Let us be there for others to feel free with us

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  4. Opusa ameneyo,azake alikuzipatala zosina-siyana kufuna moyo iye akuzipha, akayakhachiyani kwamulungu akakamufusa kuti”wakuitanandani”

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