Lucius angers fellow promoter

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda has been accused of sabotaging other promoters’ events after he scheduled the much anticipated Busy Signal concert on the same weekend as another big show.

Busy Signal
Busy Signal: his show in Malawi clashes with another concert

On September 3 Lucius’ Impact Events will host Busy Signal at Civo Stadium a day before Tonderai Banda’s Entertainers Promotions holds the highly rated Sound and Light concert at Lilongwe Golf club.

The scheduling of the two shows on the same weekend has raised questions about Lucius’ intentions as the two concerts target the same patrons. Moreover, the Black Missionaries are also expected to headline both events.

Promoter Tonderai could not hide his anger at Lucius’ conduct saying the veteran musician want to disrupt the Sound and Light event which was scheduled first.

“I am disappointed in his timing because it appears to sabotage my event which I announced early this year. Tonderai told the local media. “I mean we cannot have two big events happening almost the same time.”

Lucius announced earlier this year that Busy Signal will come to Malawi in April but the he has been shifting the dates on several occasions. He however said the shifting of the dates happened because he was working with other promoters on the continent and when they cancelled their Busy Signal shows, he had to rearrange the Malawi show.

“But I must admit that it is a pity that the two big shows are happening at the same time,” said the musician while urging Malawians to patronise the two events.

Meanwhile, the Black Missionaries have placed into doubt their presence at the Busy Signal show but they have confirmed that they will perform at the Sound and Light concert.

“I would have loved if the organisers consulted before settling for the dates of their events because they are all big in nature, hence unhealthy not only to the artists, but also to fans,” said Blacks band leader Anjiru Fumulani.



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  4. Lucius is Legend Take it Or leave it!….he knows of what to do when it come to organising event. Others you are talking stupit here because you dont know what it takes for an event to take place….ShAmE On YoU!.

  5. He has an angry look towards his fellow event promoters.He’s adangerous musician who does evil things to others . Take care of him .

  6. If Tonderai’s show is a big event why worrying of Lucius’ event, moreover his even is will be the first one. It is Lucius who would be worried odd the other event because the patrons might not patronize his show after getting tired of Tonderai’s show

  7. Lucius ndi munthu modzi odzikonda ndichifukwa chake amakonda akazi azake kkkkkk

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