Malawi activists hold peaceful demos against fees hike

unima fees demos

Activists in the country’s three major cities turned up for demonstrations against the hiking of fees in public universities.

In the three cities, the protesters who were also calling for the reopening of Chancellor College delivered their petitions at civic offices.

But there was a low turnout in Blantyre where only four people marched to Blantyre Civic Centre to deliver their petition.

Organisers of the Blantyre demonstrations who were led by Negracious Justin pulled out of the protests at the last minute.

unima fees demos
Unima fees demos

The protests however went on after Chancellor College student Comrade Mayuni agreed to lead the protesters.

In Mzuzu the demonstrations were organised by Charles Kajoloweka of Youth and Soviet who argued that government was wrong to implement the hike at a time when the country is grappling with an anaemic economy.

“The students are justified to defend themselves against this insensitive and unjustified fees hike by the UNIMA Council. We therefore endorse the students’ position geared to jealously defend the right to education on behalf of all citizens,” said Kajoloweka when presenting the petition.

He also condemned government’s decision to close Chancellor College saying it is not a solution to every standoff. He said: “Government cannot continue to use closure of higher learning institutions as a tool of intimidation and abdication of responsibility,” he said.



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